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David E. Kelley has cast Neve Campbell in his upcoming drama series. Avalon

Neve Campbell is returning to television with a leading role in David E Kelley’s drama series Avalon. Campbell will play the lead character, Grace Bennett, a New York senator who becomes President of the United States after her predecessor dies. David E Kelley’s drama series Avalon has been picked up for 10 episodes by NBC. Campbell played Sidney Prescott in the hugely successful horror franchise Scream in 1996 and its various sequels. The new show from the creator of award-winning TV shows such as The Practice, Boston Legal, and Ally McBeal is expected to air on NBC next year.

Introduction of The Avalon

The Avalon series is a medieval/fantasy romance that follows Princess Avelina as she journeys to save her kingdom. This is not just one story, but a 10-book saga with new characters appearing in every book. The scope of this series covers more than two decades, chronicling the ups and downs of Avelina’s fight for her Kingdom and her quest to find love. As we enter into this epic tale of past and present, take a moment to prepare yourself for an adventure fraught with danger at every turn. We will go on quests for treasure and dragons alike as we travel through time searching for knowledge of good and evil.

Names of the characters in The Avalon

Aidan Quinn
Elizabeth Perkins
Leo Fuchs
Eve Gordon
Lou Jacobi
Armin Mueller-Stahl
Joan Plowright
Kevin Pollak
Israel Rubinek
Elijah Wood
Grant Gelt
Mindy Loren Isenstein
Shifra Lerer
Mina Bern
Frania Rubinek
Neil Kirk
Ronald Guttman
Rachel Aviva

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Story of The Avalon

The Avalon series is a five-book series that has captured the minds of thousands. The writers have created an array of diverse and unique characters that have each contributed to the complete story. There are many different plots in this five-part novel and they are all intertwined in some way or another. The Avalon series is a modern-day romantic fairy tale masterpiece that was a New York Times Bestselling author. One of the most popular storylines in the series is about The Talisman, an ancient and powerful artifact that has been passed through generations of women and protected against evil. This blog post will explain how this magical talisman has been entwined all over the story!


ABC Has Cast Neve Campbell As The Main Character In Their Upcoming Drama Series Avalon

Avalon is a limited-run drama series that will focus on the authentic life of Juliette Avalon, a controversial figure in the field of mental health care reform. Neve Campbell has been cast to lead the series as Avalon, with the rest of its cast being led by Aimee Garcia and Leslie Odom Jr. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news about ABC’s latest acquisition and Campbell’s involvement in it. Campbell starred as Sidney Prescott throughout six films in Wes Craven’s horror franchise Scream and she’ll play another character named Julia Staples on “Avalon”.

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