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The psychological thriller House of Spoils will star Ariana DeBose

The psychological thriller House of Spoils will star Ariana DeBose

Victoria Bridgett, the author of The Chronicles of Ixia series and former member of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate’s Corps, is excited to announce that Ariana DeBose will be leading her psychological thriller House of Spoils. Her latest installment in The Chronicles has all the intrigue, game-changing twists, and surprising turns you would expect from the best-selling author with more than 170 five-star reviews on Amazon. She leads her readers on a journey to uncover their powers while grappling with an overreaching evil, unlike anything they have experienced before to save themselves and their loved ones from a destructive force that takes possession of the mind and body with frightening ease.

Introduction of The House of Spoils

The House of Spoils is a clothing company that creates designs with contemporary flair. We make high fashion designs for the whole family. Our signature is humorous, expressive, and often quirky graphics to elevate your everyday look.” Our clothes are designed for the whole family so you no longer have to worry about mismatched outfits when mommy, daddy, and their kids all go out together! All of our products are made from quality fabrics that have been tested at over 150 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure their durability but they will still be comfortable to wear in any season.

Blumhouse’s “House of Spoils,” starring Ariana DeBose, is headed to Prime Video.

After an accidental death occurs in the French Quarter, a group of millennials takes to looting abandoned shops and homes. One night, two young women realize that one of them is responsible for the crime spree and try to escape before they are captured by their ruthless pursuers. House of Spoils is a suspenseful thriller with some great twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire film. Ariana DeBose stars as Lizzie, one prodigy who has been trained in survival since birth while her sister Lola (Dakota Fanning) was raised as a typical girl.

Story of The House of Spoils

In the pre-Islamic period, an Arabian tribe called Qahtani were recluses, living in a house like no other. | The House of Spoils is the story of Abu Bakr al-Sadiq and his family. Al-Sadiq was born in 765 and died in 834, becoming one of the most influential figures of early Islam. He was a scholar with an elegant interior whose wisdom spread across many countries and became renowned for his knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence.


His house was an example of a giant Arabian house that represented the first real arabesque. It was built close to the city of the Prophet Muhammad, but in an area that was considered impregnable. The House of Spoils is a project designed by Mohammad Akram Khan, one of the most prominent architects from Pakistan, and is a photographic interpretation by Italian photographer Franco Pellegrin.

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