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Emily Blunt’s Debut in ‘The English’ Is Here, and It’s Only on Prime Video

Emily Blunt’s Debut in ‘The English’ Is Here, and It’s Only on Prime Video

Prime Video announced today that Academy Award-nominated actress, Emily Blunt will star in the forthcoming Prime Original series, “The English”. Produced by Michael Bay and his Platinum Dunes Productions company for Netflix. The English are a 10-episode event series that tells the story of an American family attempting to adapt to life on England’s Duke family estate from their arrival. Blunt will portray Evelina who becomes involved with intelligence during WW2 due to her expertise with languages.

Introduction of The English

The English series (published by Genki) consists of six textbooks which are each targeted at beginners in their 20s who have not studied the language before. Complete with enjoyable illustrations, this series introduces learners to a range of topics from vegetables and fruit to numbers and colors. Both the reading and writing exercises provided in the books use a system called “the Three Rs” – Reinforcement, Recall, Recognition – which supports students’ ability for self-study. This series is perfect for those who wish to study English on their own or as a supplement to formal programs such as TOEFL or IELTS examinations.

Pictures from Emily Blunt’s new Amazon series, “The English”

Many people feel like they suddenly seem to have a discovery in common. While the phenomenon wasn’t documented on Twitter, it’s been called “The English” photo. This viral photo depicts Emily Blunt as one of many celebrities embracing their western roots. The photo is also seen around social media with everyone showing off their “English” side with this image of their celebrity, most notably including Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande who are wearing cowboy hats and boots respectively.

Story of The English

The story of the English series goes back to the country’s founding when an emerging class of American merchants needed a way to conduct business. When Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson created a list of words that summarised their ambitions for their new land. The list included practical words like “ship,” “seal,” and “plantation.” But it also contained beautiful gems like “constellation” and “majesty.” This list was the first time that English had been used as an official language in North America.


The young United States, then known as the Confederation of States, came together under a new Constitution. It took its name from the Greek word for “constitution”: “polis.” This new polis began to publish books to help its citizens speak the same language. Congress asked printer, Robert Aitken, to produce an American Dictionary of the English Language. Over the next 20 years, Aitken and his workers created a monumental work: more than 6,000 pages long, it weighed more than 20 pounds.

See Emily Blunt in the next western drama series “The English,” premiering on BBC and Prime Video

In the wild and lawless frontier, a woman is as tough as any man. For years, widows of the trade route have run their inns and taverns, so it’s no surprise that on her deathbed one should decree in her will that ownership shall pass to her daughter. A new drama series coming soon from Prime Video and BBC about young widow Jeanie Battista who arrives at the town of Half Moon Bay to find out she has inherited not just an inn but three hundred acres from her mother. Struggling with the weight of responsibility thrust upon her she finds solace in running its inn for settlers heading West.

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