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A First Look at Netflix’s Upcoming Sequel “Enola Holmes 2”

There’s a new show coming on the block, but you might have to wait to watch it. The first pictures of cast members from the Netflix sequel to “Enola Holmes” are here and they’re giving us a glimpse at what we can expect from this mystery-packed series. Actors Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman are both joining forces for the third installment of “Enola Holmes,” which also features “Harry Potter” spinoff star Sophia Lillis in her feature film debut as Enola’s younger sister Sherlock.” Bastiaan Versluys is a media specialist who has been working with high schoolers at his family retreat since he was thirteen years old.

Introduction of The Enola Holmes 2


The Enola Holmes 2 season is a detective series that is based on one of the most highly acclaimed novels by the fantastic Nancy Springer, The Enola Holmes Mysteries. This first season follows the case of an elderly woman who goes missing and she claims that she knows how to find her. She also sends an invitation to her friends over email. One by one they start disappearing tooโ€ฆ until there’s only one left: you! It turns out that it was all a crime committed in Berlin after World War II and now they’re coming for you! You need to use your virtual empire, The Pink Flamingo Detective Agency, to solve these cold cases. No pressure…

Names of the characters in The Enola Holmes 2

Viscount Tewkesbury
Eudora Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Enola Holmes
Henry Lyon


Story of The Enola Holmes 2


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With the first episode of The Enola Holmes 2, “A Study in Greys”, airing on PBS Masterpiece, we thought it would be a good time to recap the story so far. If you haven’t seen these episodes yet, spoilers are ahead! In Season 1 the aforementioned heroine ascertained that her sister was still alive after supposedly dying young from influenza. To find New York-based Irene Adler Holmes (and thus determine if she was her sister) she traveled with her father and brother to America. There she enlisted the help of a certain Rokuro Natsume, a local physics and metallurgy professor at Columbia University, who was appointed Special Lecturer in Metals and Nanoscience.


Enola’s brother Albert Holmes had been in an automobile accident during their travels, and although his injuries were not fatal his mind was impaired by amnesia. He went with Enola to search for Irene, but only after he regained his memory did he realize that he had been cruelly duped by his sister. Having arrived first at the U.S.

In this first look at the sequel to “Enola Holmes,” starring Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavill

It was announced that Millie Bobby Brown, best known for her role as Eleven in the Netflix show Stranger Things, and Henry Cavill, famous for 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the TV series The Tudors, will be joining Rachel Shelley of Sky Arts’ Enola Holmes Mysteries in “Enola Holmes 2”. Millie’s character will be named Emily. It has not been specified exactly how old she is but it has been confirmed that she is a teenager. She becomes part of Enola’s friend’s group after being taken into care by Scotland Yard at an early age when her parents are found to be spies. It is not known who will be playing Emily’s parents yet.

Henry will play Inspector James Anderson, a Scotland Yard detective. The role was confirmed by sources close to the movie. Although not much is known about his character, it has been suggested that Enola will work with Anderson as he investigates an important case linked to Emily’s parentage and family history. According to Rachel, the upcoming film (which is of course under the working title of “Enola Holmes 2”) will focus on Enola’s investigation of a secret, which put her father in prison for stealing secrets from the British government during the First World War.

So, what do you think about The Enola Holmes 2?


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