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Zac Efron and Russell Crowe Go On The Greatest Beer Run Ever In first Trailer Of Upcoming Apple TV+ Movie; Set To Premiere On September 30

This article is about the upcoming Apple TV+ movie starring stars Zac Efron and Russell Crowe. The two BFFs will go on the greatest beer run ever, in a comedy from director Jason Reitman. The film is called “Six O’Clock News (or Whatever Happens When You Give A Bunch of Americans Some Cameras)” and it’ll be available for streaming on September 30th, according to Reitman’s Twitter.

The Greatest Beer Run Ever In the First Trailer Of Upcoming 


Jason Reitman directed “Up in the Air” and “Men, Women & Children.” A preview of the video was supposed to be shown at Apple’s September 12th event, but it was pushed back a few days due to Hurricane Florence. Now, the first trailer has appeared online. Here it is: The film stars Efron as a freshman at college who hates his life; Crowe plays his long-lost big brother who wants him to come live with him for a while. Then their lives start to change when they agree to shoot a news story for six o’clock on their bikes.

The Book Source Material Became A New York Times Best-Seller 



The movie is based on a best-selling book by director Jason Reitman. The source material for the movie is called “The Six O’Clock News,” which he co-wrote with journalist Chad Kultgen. The book was released in 2014, and it took off on Amazon. com’s best-seller list. The novel has sold more than 200,000 copies to date. Reitman will also direct a sequel to “Up In The Air,” which will reunite the original cast (Anna Kendrick, George Clooney, and Vera Farmiga) for what is described as a “bleak and brutal” tale of love and loss in an unnamed American city.

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Hailing From SkyDance Media Screenplay Is Adapted By Farrelly


The script for this one, by Peter Farrelly from his idea, is reportedly not a mere rehash of the book; it has been described as a “searing, bleak and brutal tale of love and loss in an unnamed American city.” The screenplay is adapted from Jason Reitman’s book by Peter Farrelly from an original idea by both.

Jack Welch to Direct An Upcoming Apple TV+ Documentary



As part of the Apple event on September 12, Jack Welch will be making his directorial debut with an upcoming documentary about the film and TV industry. He’s working in collaboration with Meredith Vieira, who was also a guest at last month’s event. The documentary will feature interviews with many notable figures from television and film including Peter Dinklage, Amy Schumer, Nicole Kidman, Shonda Rhimes, Tina Fey, and Steve Carell.” They’ll go around town and show what needs to be changed to make the industry a better place for everyone,” says Vieira.

Many Other Projects In The Works 



Other upcoming movies that are apparently in development include a drama about an English World War II pilot who is shot down over Germany. It will star Michael B. Jordan, Lily Collins, and Nicholas Hoult, as well as Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy. Plus a documentary about the urban music scene. It will be directed by Ice Cube, who will also provide commentary on the evolution of rap and hip-hop in America.

Apple’s Films With Top Hollywood Talent Are Forked From TV Shows 


As part of Apple’s effort to bring top Hollywood talent to its TV+ subscription service, it has signed up Reese Witherspoon (for a drama called “Are You Sleeping”) and Jennifer Aniston for another show that has the working title “Morning Show.” Both shows are based on popular TV shows from top American cable networks, but Apple has reportedly ordered them to be “re-imagined for streaming.

Hollywood Star With A “Bona Fide Movie Star” Upcoming 



[Efron] will be the first star of a bona fide movie to make the transition to an Apple TV series, with his pic set for a 2019 premiere.” The Hollywood Reporter noted that Efron will be the first bona fide movie star to come out of Apple’s TV streaming service. Denzel Washington and Oprah are said to be in talks as well.

Apple To Air Original Series In The Night Sky 


As part of the Apple event on September 12, the company also announced that it would be releasing original shows in the night sky, streamed to iPhones and iPads as well as Macs, iPhones, and iPads via a free app. The new service will be called Apple TV, and it will launch a year after it was initially announced at last month’s event. The three new original shows are all set to premiere sometime in 2019, along with a documentary called “Access” that will follow Apple retail employees around their stores. And there will also be “new content every night inspired by true stories.

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