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The Boys Season 4 Starts Production Confirms Star Karl Urban And Jensen Ackles Teases His Return As Soldier Boy

Spoiler alert! It was revealed that the fourth season of The Boys has started production and that star Karl Urban and Jensen Ackles have teased his return as Soldier Boy.

Eric Kripke Created The Comic Book In 2000.


The creator, Eric Kripke, created the comic book in 2000. He then created the television series in 2006 for AMC. Season four will be the final season for The Boys television show on AMC. However, it might not be over since there is a possibility of a movie to continue the storylines from where Kripke left off with this show’s comic-book run.

The Hollywood Reporter First Broke The News Of The New Season Was In Production. 



  In addition, it has been revealed in their article that they have signed on several stars for Season 4 of The Boys. They have also confirmed that two of The Boys’ stars, Karl Urban, who plays the role of The Boys’ leader called Dr. Arthur Merlyn and Jensen Ackles who plays the role of his number-one henchman called The Red Team Leader, will be returning for further episodes in Season 4. Among the other leads that are set to return are actors such as Erin Moriarty who played the part of the Spider during Season 3 and Cooper Davis from Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally.

Kripke Recently Shared His Interview


Kripke recently shared in an interview that he is currently writing Season 4’s scripts and he might even have enough for a movie adaptation. He said he was able to get past the issues with AMC so there’s still hope for The Boys to continue its run for more seasons or even a movie. He recently wrote a book about The Boys, titled The Boys: Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker. 

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It Was Also Revealed In An Interview That Season 4 



 The Boys will have the same characters and storylines that were used in the comic book. Karl Urban and Jensen Ackles will be playing different roles in season 4 of The Boys. They are also returning to their roles as The Boys’ leader called Dr. Arthur Merlyn and his number-one henchman called The Red Team Leader.

The Boys Season 4 Announces The Role As The Cast Member 


These talents include Karl Urban, Elisabeth Shue, Jessie T. Usher, Chace Crawford, and Nathan Mitchell. As if that weren’t enough talent to get excited about, it was also announced that Jensen Ackles (who played the character Hughie) will return as Soldier Boy for Season 4. Nonso Anozie (who plays Mother’s Milk) could also be back to play his role as the cast member who has been transformed into a superhero by Mother’s Milk’s powers.

Urban Said “I’m Excited About It



On being asked about adjustments he will be making to his character, Urban said “I’m excited about it, we haven’t had time to formulate exactly what that means yet, but we have some ideas. It’s also interesting because there are places where I think he’s at a bit of a different place than what they envisioned and other places where I think they interact even more directly than ever before in the comic series.

Urban Shared His Thoughts About Season Four Of The Boys


In an interview with Comic book, Urban shared his thoughts about season four saying ” I am incredibly excited about it. It’s been an absolute pleasure and joy to work with those guys for three seasons now. And I think the thing that’s been most gratifying with The Boys is that it’s the most honest and open working environment where everybody kind of does their own thing which is a lot more fun for me as an actor. I just love watching everybody progress and grow.”

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A Post-Credits Scene Of The Film Super Size Me Was Released On March 3, 2004.



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