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Sundance Horror Classic “Speak No Evil” Teaches Families the Meaning of “Vacation from Hell”

There is no way to go on vacation and not be away from your routine. With this in mind comes a family vacation they will not soon forget. The film, “Speak No Evil” follows Andrea and her family as they travel to rural Texas for a holiday getaway at her brother’s cabin deep in the heart of the woods. As soon as the family arrives, it is clear that something isn’t quite right. There are no other people around, there are dead animals with strange wounds scattered about, creepy noises coming from all around them…so what do you need? Cabin fever! And when night falls in this sleepy town what should be just another strange experience quickly becomes much more terrifying.

Introduction to The Speak No Evil

“The Speak No Evil movie” is a film adaptation of the book by the same name by Frances Foster. The movie follows Radha, an Indian-born doctor (portrayed by actress Kajol) who returns to India in search of her roots. Upon her arrival, she meets Shalini (portrayed by actress Sonali Kulkarni) who takes Radha to meet Manjulika Bai (portrayed by actress Shabana Azmi), an outspoken and humorous woman living in poverty with a large family. Once Radha reaches out to help them, however, she quickly finds that her good intentions are challenged at every turn and realizes that it may not be this simple after all.

Names of the characters in The Speak No Evil

Sidsel Siem Koch
Karina Smulders
Morten Burian
Fedja van Huêt
Marius Damslev
Lea Baastrup Ronne
Liva Forsberg
Hichem Yacoubi
Sieger Sloot
Jesper Dupont

Story of The Speak No Evil

The Speak No Evil is a movie that follows the life of teenager Ritchie, who is torn between his love of comics and his desire to escape the pressures placed upon him by some of his peers. The film was released on July 6th, 2018 in Canada and will soon be available on Netflix. According to Screen Engine, a company that tracks box office earnings from their database, The Speak No Evil made $828,006 in North America with an average ranking of 5.4. It’s one of the most favorably reviewed movies online so far this year with an 88% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and only two theaters had a “D” grade or lower for it.

This trailer for “Speak No Evil” depicts a vacation from hell

In the last few years, the travel website TripAdvisor has acquired a preeminent position among tourists looking to book their vacations. They also provide an immense wealth of knowledge that’s easy to share with others via social media, which is precisely how the Speak No Evil trailer was born. The idea behind the trailer is straightforward: imagine your dream vacation went wrong and its source is a hotel review on TripAdvisor. The idea for this story came to the creators when one of them tried to plan a trip with his girlfriend (now wife!) from New York City to Los Angeles and found out it was impossible because there were no available flights between New York City and Los Angeles for five days in July.


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