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Ramy Season 3 Casts Bella Hadid as a “Weirdo Girlfriend”

Ramy season 3

It’s not your typical role for the model, but Bella Hadid is breaking out of her mold with Ramy Season 3. In the series, she portrays a woman who dates men for their money to fund her artistic endeavors and meets the love of her life. She’s such an unusual character that people have started questioning whether or not she looks like Bella in real life. Is this the face of a “weirdo girlfriend”?

“She’s a bit like a weirdo,” Bella told Teen Vogue. No matter what she does financially, she’s a creative person.” Is it that unusual for Bella to play a character that’s not glamorous? The supermodel has previously taken on roles in big-budget films like The Age of Adaline and the upcoming thriller Hotel Artemis. Since most of her characters have been fit for Hollywood, it appears that people don’t think modeling equates to acting.

Introduction to The Ramy’ Season 3

This week sees the return of The Ramy Season 3. The new season of the most popular Israeli television show will premiere on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019 and promises to be chock full of excitement, drama, and twists. The series takes place in Israel during the period after World War II and follows a group of people living their everyday lives as members of an Italian refugee camp in 1948.

Names of the characters in The Ramy’ Season 3

Ramy Youssef
May Calamawy
Steve Way
Amr Waked
Dave Merheje
Mohammed Amer
Hiam Abbass
Mahershala Ali
Laith Nakli
Rosaline Albay
Poorna Jagannathan
Michael Chernus
Jared Abrahamson
Molly Gordon
Anna Konkle
Kate Miller


Story of The Ramy’ Season 3


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A year ago a story introduced in the Ramy Season 1 began to take shape. The idea for a second season was to explore the more familiar territory of Ramy’s life. This time, however, we wanted to focus on communication and cooperation from many different perspectives. To be able to do that, our team has tried as much as possible not only to support each other but also our viewers through various platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. We also have come up with several different initiatives such as the TV series and the interactive play, which will be debuted in mid-August.

The first part of Season 2 is a recreation of what was shown in Season 1. In the next episode, however, we will be taking on the roles of people other than Ramy. It is not just another classical interview episode but incorporates many elements of a detective story as well. It has now become common for people to upload their videos online and create their content. People who are interested in making videos can find out more information through these outlets, as well as through workshops we offer on our YouTube channel and Facebook page.

What Led to Bella Hadid and Ramy Youssef’s Friendship?

The two also bonded over a mutual love for Muhammad Ali as well as their shared interest in photography. They often collaborate on photo shoots and have even caught up with each other while they were both in Paris this past summer.
“I think we just really clicked,” Youssef said. “We were so young, and we were both into photography and fashion. We were into all things cool and wanted to be the best of the best.” And as a result, their friendship has grown to a point where they’ve become more like siblings than close friends, in more ways than one. Last month, Youssef helped Bella move over to her new apartment in Los Angeles. “We’ve just grown so much since our days together at L’Oreal,” she said of the two’s relationship now, noting that she’d gotten used to calling Ramy “bro”.


So, what do you think about The Ramy Season 3?

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