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Paramount+’s Young Adult Drama Series ‘School Spirits’ Completes Cast Before Filming Starts

In its entirety, the Paramount Network’s School Spirits look to be a spooky and intriguing YA drama series about ghostly occurrences at a prestigious prep school. Same story, different place. The series is based on Kevin Brooks’ book of the same name and will be adapted by Hollywood newcomer AJ Michael Hall. The cast has been revealed with major roles going to Jillian Murray (Six Figures) as well as Ryan Simpkins (The Edge of Seventeen). It was also announced that production has commenced in Toronto — which can only mean good things for us!

Introduction to The School Spirits

“The School Spirits show is a YouTube show that has been running since 2013 and features RJ, who runs the channel as a special effects master. His videos showcase various projects he works on in his L.A.-based studio, including all kinds of DIY tutorials on how to make props, makeup, and costumes for film or television.” -Campus Crusade for Christ’s blog Welcome to the School Spirits Show! This is a special effects/hobby show that discusses today’s popular topics in an entertaining format. We provide an interactive look at behind-the-scenes information about how things are made and put together.

Names of the characters in The School Spirits

Piper Curda
Teala Dunn
Tiffany Alvord
Audrey Whitby
Christian Del Grosso
Josh Levi
Philip Labels
C.J. LeBlanc
Cathy Barnett
Alysia Reiner
Mark Blum
Steve Monroe
Mia Hulen
Tricia Gilfone

Story of The School Spirits

The story of The School Spirits is a show that was performed in Portland, Oregon at the B-Side theater. A group of six actors and one medium are involved with the show’s plot line. The plot consists of an adult whose life has fallen apart, and he cherishes nothing more than his flashbacks to high school. A student goes to a high school that’s attended by the ghosts of people who died at their school, and they are in charge of making sure the spirits don’t haunt the school. The show is based on a story written by David Goldfarb when he was just 16 years old.


The plot is that a girl goes to her high school and talks with the ghosts to understand why they’re suddenly living on campus, and she uncovers something that has been buried in the tunnels since its foundation was built. It’s described as “a supernatural mystery with whimsical qualities” with each episode running only four minutes long.

Beginning Production on High School Drama Series Inspired by “School Spirits”

“School Spirits”, an MTV show that centers on five friends coming of age in the last year of high school will be starting production soon. The pilot will air this summer and a full season is expected for fall. The show has a star-studded cast, including Missi Pyle and AnnaLynne McCord as two moms at war with each other over their kids’ friendships.


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