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Netflix Drops ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 5 Trailer, And How Is This Show On Season 5 Already?

If you’ve been desperately waiting for the latest installment of “Cobra Kai” to drop on Netflix, then today is your lucky day. The streaming giant revealed a new trailer and it looks like things are going to get interesting — even more so than they already were.

In 2018 This Series Premiered On YouTube On Red

The series premiered in 2018 on YouTube Red and has become such a sensation that fans have been clamoring for its third season to drop on the streaming site. The show takes place three decades after “The Karate Kid” where Johnny — the son of Daniel LaRusso (William Zabka) and Miyagi (Pat Morita) — is ready to move on with his life. However, everything changes when his mentor, Mr. Miyagi, returns to teach him karate once again.

More Conflicts To Expect

The upcoming season will see more battles between Johnny and Daniel. It also seems like things are going to get a lot more intense when Johnny’s old friend, Miguel (Xolo Maridueña), enters the scene. This might be because he wants to get back into competing and is hoping that Johnny can help him with that. However, it might not end well for everyone involved as there are already issues between Johnny and Miguel since season 2 ended.

New Updates In The Upcoming Season?

According to the trailer, things have changed since the first two seasons of “Cobra Kai.” Johnny and Daniel are in their late 30s and they’re both doing well for themselves. But not everything is looking up as Johnny has been facing some personal problems since he’s left his old life behind. Meanwhile, Daniel is at a crossroads with his wife (Ralph Macchio). This season looks like it’s going to focus on how these two are doing after all this time and it might not come as a surprise that things aren’t going so well for them.


Cobra Kai’s  Producers Decided To Recast The Role of Trevor


This was the first time Daniel made an appearance on television since the original movie, but he was played by a different actor. The producers of “Cobra Kai ” decided to recast the role with Trevor Donovan Bower taking over because they wanted to ground their new version of the story in actual events that took place — not in a made-up world filled with talking smartphones and video games.


Johnny’s Character Is Still A Badass In Season 5


In the new trailer, Johnny is shown working out and making plans to build a new daycare center in California. It looks like he’s thriving but when Mr. Miyagi shows up and asks him if he’s doing OK, it looks like something has happened to him that’s made him a more responsible person — maybe even a less violent man than he was as a young man? Will Johnny rise above the dark place in his life?

Miyagi Hasn’t Changed many appearances


While Mr. Miyagi has changed his appearance over time — going from a full head of hair to what looks like a shaved head in the new trailer — he hasn’t changed much, personality-wise. He’s still the gruff and stern guy who is willing to fight for justice, even if that means getting violent. It looks like he was able to take one of Johnny’s students — a young man who appears to be in his ’20s — and teach him karate.


What Has Happened To Daniel LaRusso?


Daniel is only seen for a few seconds in the new trailer and it looks like some things have changed for him since we last saw him. His hair has greyed quite a bit and he appears to have put on many pounds. He seems less intense and a little more relaxed. We’ll have to keep an eye out to see if this matches up with how Daniel was in the original franchise or if things will change as the season continues.


Fans Of ‘Cobra Kai’ Are In For A Real Treat



As mentioned before, this trailer was released on YouTube Red, which means that it’s only being shown to a select group of fans. This will be the only way they can see the new season and they’re going to be very pleased with what they see when it drops on Netflix on March 30th. It’s pretty clear from the trailer that this is a very well-done series, especially coming off of the sensitive nature of last season’s events. This season seems to be going a bit lighter but fans are sure to be thrilled when they see it.

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