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5 Lesser-Known Facts About Locke And Key Actor Connor Jessup

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Locke And Key Actor Connor Jessup

Connor Jessup is a Canadian actor, born on October 10th, 1990. In the series “Locke and Key,” he played the role of Joe McGee throughout its first 2 seasons. He has also worked on “The Vampire Diaries” as well as one episode of “Teen Wolf.” He is currently known for his role in the popular horror movie “The Purge: Election Year.”


1) Connor has been acting professionally since he was 11 years old.



2) At 16 years old, Connor did an episode of the Canadian soap opera Somerset which won an award at the Canadian Screen Awards; it was called ‘Best Series Episode’.

Connor Jessup Is Best Known For His Role As Locke


In the show of the same name. The show, by Alex Kolosine, is a mystery-horror film that follows the main character when he inherits an old mansion from a deceased ancestor. The catch? The mansion is haunted and the ghosts are telling him to kill his family. Sadly, the show was only released for a short time before FOX decided to cancel it. This didn’t stop Jessup from making a name for himself in television though, as he also stars in Falling Skies, an apocalyptic TV series that follows a group of survivors after an alien invasion.

 Do You Have Any Scene Favourites For Locke?



 I enjoyed doing the split-screen scenes, where I would do all the acting in one frame, then director Robert Cooper would make a split-screen of my head with me saying my lines in two different places. It was an interesting challenge as soon as he told me it was going to be like that because we have these amazing actors like Max Thieriot on the show and it was his first time playing a character like this and he was fantastic.

Do You Have A Favourite Episode Of Locke And Key?



I enjoyed “Head Games” from season one. It was the first one I shot with the split screen, which was an interesting challenge. And Max Thieriot’s character, Tyler, goes through some interesting twists and turns in that episode. And I liked “Keystone” from season two where you find out about my character’s past with Quinn and how he accidentally killed her.

Can You Tell Us More About What The Character Joe Goes Through In Locke And Key?


Joe goes through the most. His life is flipped on its head so many times throughout the series, starting with his mother killing herself, then him learning about his family’s past and how he was conceived, then he loses his father at the beginning of season two, and finally he loses everyone else when they all get killed by demons at the end of season two . . . It’s just a lot to take in and I feel like I’m living out a lot of stuff on screen because if I’m feeling it while we’re filming, then hopefully that’ll translate well onto the camera.

6 Lesser-Known Facts About Locke And Key Actor Connor Jessup



Locke & Key is an American horror television series created by Joe Hill and starring Daniel Wise as the main character, Locke. This series on Netflix will be known as 13 Reasons Why, which is a Netflix original series. The show follows a teenager, who after surviving an accident, commits suicide but leaves behind 13 tapes explaining why she killed herself.

Interesting Fact Of Locke And Key Actor Connor Jessup

 The role of Locke was initially offered to actor Milo Ventimiglia who turned it down because he was not familiar with the novels that the show was based on. Jessup has also starred in the TV series “Saving Hope” and “The 100”. He is married to a girl named Mayumi Kojima and they have two children together. Currently, he has withdrawn from acting to focus on his family.

Connor Jessup Plays “Vince, The bellboy” In The End.

Connor Jessup made his first appearance in the show on a very pivotal episode called The End, where he plays “Vince, the bellboy” and is the reason for all the conflict that occurs. In this episode, Locke (played by Max Thieriot) tries to find out who shot him and he eventually discovers that it was Vince, who was hired by an old man in a wheelchair to kill Locke.

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