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Tribespeople in the Amazonian region creates their film for National Geographic’s feature, “The Territory.”

The Rio Negro, in Brazil’s Amazon region, is home to the Pirahã people – and a visit to their village offers a unique perspective on life in one of the most remote regions on earth. Many journalists and filmmakers have come to find out about this tribe, but few have ever found them. In this new film by National Geographic’s government-supported division NGT Films, viewers can take an intimate journey into the lives of the Piraha people — from “healing chants” to fishing with a bow and arrow — that offers new insight into what it means for a society to resist change in order maintain its own identity.

Introduction to The Territory

In The Territory, a woman is attacked near her home and the police investigation points to a close family member as the perpetrator. A frank discussion with her husband doesn’t go well and she is devastated. But what if it wasn’t him? What if she just can’t face the truth? And what is that truth? Filled with tension and intrigue, The Territory shows how two people can be living in the same house but live in different worlds. Dani Cartwright has just started a new life with her husband Matt when he becomes suspected of attacking one of his ex-girlfriends.

Names of the characters in The Territory

Neidinha Bandeira
Bitaté Uru Eu Wau Wau

Story of The Territory

The Territory is a movie about how the modern world evolved from a type of tribalism where people live by hunting and gathering to one where we don’t rely on natural resources as much and instead have many different types of manufactured goods which are made by mass production. In recent years, this has created an issue where what they have been struggling with since 1750 has become worse. From the point when there was land conflict within Europe to now, everything is over-farmed or over-consumed in some way or another. The movie also explores various facets of that conflict: poverty, dwindling natural resources, and our obsession with buying things because we can’t be satisfied.


Insightful Reporting on the War to Prevent Forest Destruction in the Territory Review

It isn’t always easy to change the habits of an entire society. But that’s what we’re trying to do at The Territory Review. Forests provide countless benefits for not only the people who live near and use them but also for humanity as a whole. Trees are crucial sources of food, shelter, and income; they help regulate our climate by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere; they give us products from lumber to paper to rubber; they offer things like shade, beauty, and inspiration–everything from strength in adversity to solace in times of grief–and much more besides. Forests nourish the souls of humanity just as much as they sustain it with sustenance in material form.

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