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Universal Pictures Has Set the Release Date for Kung Fu Panda 4

Universal Pictures Has Set the Release Date for Kung Fu Panda 4

Universal Pictures has announced. As expected, the flick is being released a year after its predecessor Kung Fu Panda 3 landed in theaters. It’s also after Hollywood’s propensity to release King Kong and Godzilla films every few years. The movie was originally supposed to come out in December 2016 but was delayed indefinitely due to their production personnel not being ready. The studio had not yet finalized who they wanted as both story writer and director of the film at that time.

Introduction to The Kung Fu Panda 4


The sequel to the Oscar-winning global box office phenomenon, “Kung Fu Panda 3” reunites director Jennifer Yuh Nelson and producers Gigi Pritzker and John Stevenson with the creative team behind the original film. Set in a mythical China inhabited by anthropomorphic animals, it tells how Po must learn to reconcile his destiny as the “chosen one” and fulfill his dreams while outwitting both human villains who want to destroy him, as well as an evil peacock—who has powerful plans of its own.

Character names in The Kung Fu Panda 4



Jack Black 

Jackie Chan, 

Angelina Jolie

Lucy Liu 


Bryan Cranston

Dustin Hoffman

Seth Rogen 

Story of The Kung Fu Panda 4



Kung Fu Panda 4 tells the story of how Po has kept his word and trained with Shifu to teach him a new technique. Although he succeeds in ameliorating this technique, Shifu is not impressed and decides that Po needs to go back up the mountain, to face his fears and learn more skills. This time, he will have the protection of his Furious Five companions. However, it doesn’t take long for their training camp to be attacked by Shen’s army of wolves. Shifu, who has now mastered the power of the Heart of The Dragon, goes off to battle Shen’s army alone. Shen offers his own Heart of The Dragon to Shifu to defeat him. Shifu refuses this and defeats Shen in a fight that has him slamming his fist down onto Shen’s head.

After returning from the mountainside, Po and everyone are surprised when, following a night of sleep, they find the Temple of Shen had been demolished and that all Wolf Banners have been removed from it. No one knows what happened to them all but then Chen tells them that he saw Po practicing with Master Oogway’s training staff and that he was doing as instructed by an unseen voice.

Public on Kung Fu Panda 4


It explores the relation between kung fu and the types of protagonists that are seen in this film, specifically Po, the lead protagonist. With a focus on what type of protagonist is needed for a popular film to be successful for years to come and how such films can be future-proof. The third installment in Kung Fu Panda brought enormous success for Dreamworks Animation with over $20 million domestically earned from its theatrical run alone playing half of its limited release weekends (around 3 weeks). With the film making over $640 million worldwide, Kung Fu Panda 3 became the first DreamWorks Animation film to reach $650 million globally. 


The movie’s success is to be credited mainly to its success in the domestic market, however, South East Asia has its share of the viewership numbers too. As a result of this movie becoming a huge hit there; this is also where DreamWorks Animation was able to make their biggest ever opening weekend with a take of $30.9 million from 9 international markets – which ranked third highest during that time frame.


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