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Matthew Vaughn learned from the X-mistakes Men’s with Stardust

The ancient saying “All the world’s a stage” is brought to life in Hollywood director Matthew Vaughn’s latest film Stardust. However, it seems that Vaughn has learned more than just how to make a good movie. He also learned some lessons on what not to do, as demonstrated by his very successful x-men films. In the highly anticipated Stardust, Vaughn employs many of the same story-telling devices that made his X-Men films so rich and compelling. Unsurprisingly then, he wins high marks for this new film too – even if its storytelling devices happen to be recycled from an earlier project.

Introduction to The Stardust


“The stardust movie” is an action film about a family who travels to outer space and has to fight for their lives when they come face-to-face with a slave master. The family will have to overcome their problems, such as finding out that the father’s wife is his daughter and the son’s girlfriend is his wife before they can defeat the slave master. The husband tries to kill himself to keep his family together but eventually joins them in battle. Along with fighting, many interesting topics are discussed throughout the movie including love, relationships between parents and children, and how people respond when given the power of certain things.

Character names in The Stardust



Tristan Thorn


Captain Shakespeare

Septimus Dunstan Thorn


Princess Una

Ditchwater Sal

Ferdy the Fence





Story of The Stardust


There was a time when we believed in the existence of a man who had ruled the whole universe. We called him God and his words were writ large over our lives, influencing everything we did. Fear of Hell dictated how and when we acted as well as what pleasures or vices we indulged in. Yet slowly, imperceptibly, this “God” began to fade from view, quietly leaving no sign of Himself behind. Today all that is left of Him are His creations who have lost not only their creator but also the guiding hand that once propped them up.


The framework of Stardust was inspired by the work of another, quite different Robert


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Stardust is a novel by Robert Silverberg, one of the most prominent figures in science fiction history. In this book, Silverberg envisions a future in which interstellar travel and colonization are routine. Humans have spread beyond the solar system and outside of Earth’s biosphere. Stardust starts on an alien planet with Robin Hood-esque outlaws called Ladies fighting against a colonial government that is trying to bring order to the planet for business purposes, but not for diplomatic terms.

As with all of Silverberg’s novels, this one is replete with interesting ideas, unfulfilled potential, and unrealized potential.

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