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A musical episode of “Tales of the Walking Dead” has already been written

A musical episode of “Tales of the Walking Dead” has already been written

The Walking Dead is a show known for its down-to-earth, unglamorous portrayal of the zombie apocalypse. The show has never shied away from the realities of a world gone to hell, yet it never felt like the way to bring these facts home was through a musical number. Until now. The “Sing Caution” episode that aired on Sunday night crossed over into something entirely new and unprecedented for both The Walking Dead and AMC as a whole, delving deep into the strange world of Broadway with all its colorful characters and confusing lyrics.

Introduction to The Tales of the Walking Dead


The Walking Dead is a graphic novel series, set in the zombie apocalypse, written by Robert Kirkman and illustrated by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard. The comic is written with several storylines that occur simultaneously. The story begins as it would during any normal day in the timeline of an average person when suddenly the world is devoured by hordes of zombies that are quickly advancing on civilization. As these creatures feast on living animals and humans alike, many people find themselves left with only two choices; stay holed up until they inevitably die or try to escape but also run the risk of being eaten alive.

Character names in The Tales of the Walking Dead



Terry Crews

Olivia Munn

Parker Posey

Jessie T. Usher


Poppy Liu

Samantha Morton

Anthony Edwards

Daniella Pineda


Danny Ramirez

Jillian Bell

Lauren Glazier

Embeth Davidtz


Loan Chabanol

Gage Munroe

Scarlett Blum

Story of The Tales of the Walking Dead



This season continues to be interesting. The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead, “The Good Man,” was powerful and full of twists that viewers did not see coming. We’ll start with the most shocking moment: Alicia finds out Troy was bitten by a walker in the neck and is now a zombie (yes, they call them walkers on this show). Another twist to mention is that Nick saves Morgan from being attacked by one of his zombified friends. He shoots him in the head without hesitating, a huge difference from when he hesitated shooting Troy. Nick sees more than just death around him and understands it needs to happen if they want to survive.

The Walking Dead episodes premiere on AMC coming Monday


It’s that time of year when TV shows debut, new movies open in theaters, and you can start planning your zombie apocalypse. This week is no different from the premiere of “The Walking Dead” on AMC. If you’re looking to watch the show streaming online though, there are lots of options that will give you a chance to catch up before the season premiere this Sunday. So whether you’re an avid viewer or just want to try it out one episode at a time, these are options that will be sure to satisfy any Walking Dead fan’s needs.



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