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Using Herbal Lotions For Treating Hair Loss

Everyone wants to have thick and healthy hair because they can have any kind of hairstyle. Often people whose hair is falling off, face negative comments from their friends, relatives, and others. Thinning hair can adversely affect the appearance of both men and women and their professional and social life. Additionally, hair loss is very inconvenient, especially the hair falls on the clothes and in the food. So people are always trying different products and hair loss treatments to reduce hair loss, and also make the hair grow well again so that it becomes thick.

Hair loss problems

People often discuss their hair fall problems with their friends and family members, to find possible solutions. Many people who have undergone treatment at yun nam haircare are very happy with the results, so they are recommending it to others. Online research indicates that yun nam is a reputed haircare brand in Malaysia that was founded in 1984. However, those who wish to undergo the treatment would still like to check a genuine yun nam hair care review to find out if it really helps in promoting hair growth, reducing hair loss and the method used by them


Like most other hair loss and beauty treatments, Yun Nam has a consultant assigned to the customer who will give personalized attention. They will ask the client questions related to their lifestyle, since stress, lack of sleep, nutrients, and water can affect the growth of hair, and cause hair loss in some cases. The consultant will ask the customer about the specific hair problems faced. Many men and women find that they are losing hair in one or more areas of their heads. In other cases, the hair is growing very slowly and does not replace the hair which is lost.

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After this, the consultant will do a scalp scan using a computer to get a magnified image of the scalp to find out the exact problem, so that a customized solution can be provided. In some cases, there is a lot of dandruff and dead cells which are clogging the head and follicles. In other cases, the scalp is very oily, and the follicles are clogged, preventing the growth of new hair quickly. So first a herbal cleansing solution is applied to the head to remove dandruff and other dirt from the user’s head so that the herbal growth solution applied to the head for hair growth is more effective.


After the scalp and hair are cleaned properly, the herbal renewal lotion is applied to the scalp of the customer. The lotion is massaged into the head so that the nutrients are absorbed. The renewal lotion for hair contains ginseng and other herbal extracts which contain the nutrients to strengthen the hair and make it grow faster. After this, the scalp is washed again and scanned to show the customer the improvement in the scalp. The customer is also given a home care kit, consisting of shampoo, conditioner, and nutritional lotion, which has to be applied to the hair regularly so that it grows well. 

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