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Review of Life After Beth: Sparky from-rotting com’s heroine steals the show

Today, I wanted to talk about the new zombie-rom-com film Life After Beth. This movie is all about the survivors of a zombie pandemic, who must find a way to survive and keep their humanity alive. The movie is almost entirely in black and white and uses a lot of creative camera angles with highlighting both positives and negatives in the lives of these zombies. It also has some really interesting art design elements! Overall, this film was very different from what we’ve been used to seeing as DFW films are usually more gore-laden with lots of blood.

Introduction to The Life After Beth

The Life After Beth movie is based on the book of the same name by Rob Reiner, where a woman named Beth discovers during her last moments of consciousness that more things are waiting for her in life than just heaven or hell. When she opens her eyes back up at a funeral, with no memory of how she got there and no one else around, something tells her this may not be as straightforward as it seems.

Original book synopsis:

“Rob Reiner’s new film, “The Life After Beth”, follows a young woman named Beth who discovers, at the very moment of her death, that the afterlife is not as clear-cut as she once thought. In an attempt to find out what lies beyond, she makes a deal with Death: in exchange for helping him navigate the afterlife, she will be allowed to live after death. But it soon becomes clear that Death and Life are not on exactly cordial terms: every decision Beth makes could mean life or death for some of her closest loved ones.”

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Character names in The Life After Beth

Aubrey Plaza
Dane DeHaan
Matthew Gray Gubler
Molly Shannon
Cheryl Hines
John C. Reilly
Paul Reiser
Anna Kendrick
Karen Dyer
Michelle Azar
Peggy Miley
Bonnie Burro


Story of The Life After Beth

As a Hollywood star, Aubrey Plaza has got to be one of the funniest people working in showbiz today. With her deadpan expressions and stone-cold facial reactions to anything she’s asked about, it’s hard not to laugh as she walks down red carpets or talks to reporters on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet. The film is an atmospheric thriller that centers around Plaza’s character, Beth, who slowly goes off the deep end after her husband commits suicide.

The film follows her as she tries to piece together what happened and suddenly finds herself trying to save someone she loved. She gathers clues and follows a narrow path towards the truth while contending with a series of disturbing visions that seem to be pulled directly from her memories (and the plot has more than a few interesting coincidences between Beth and Plaza’s real life).

Review: “Life After Beth,” a zom-com, isn’t hilarious

With the release of Life After Beth, which is equal parts zom-com and gothic teen film, the past year has seen a string of great releases in this genre. Whether we’re talking about Battle Royale or The Walking Dead. However not all zoom-com are created equally and Life After Beth is no exception to this rule. It’s very rare to see a film that is equal parts comedy and horror that can pull off either genre well. Even rarer is to find a well-done zom-com.

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And while Life After Beth isn’t going to be in the conversation for best zoom-com, it is still a perfectly fine movie that will entertain most people who see it. Life After Beth follows Zach (Dane DeHaan), a recently heartbroken college student who meets Beth (Aubrey Plaza). A quirky yet beautiful girl who seems too good to be true. But after she turns into a zombie, Zach learns the hard way that appearances can be deceiving.


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