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For Season 13, Archer Returns to the Danger Zone

For Season 13, Archer Returns to the Danger Zone

The animated series that changed what people think about spies returns for an all-new season of Danger Zone. Archer’s ersatz family and co-workers at the International Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS) join forces once again to stop the world’s most fearless and daring archers from completing their dastardly deeds. But this time they are joined by a few new faces, including Lucas Troy, one of cyberspace’s top analysts and six-time cyber chess champion. In addition to the all-new season, FX will air Archer: Danger Island, a corresponding live-action TV series on FXX. The new season is also available on demand via FXNOW and FX+ and will be made available for purchase across platforms.

Introduction to The Archer Season 13

The Archer Season 13 is a web series created by the Archer actors, H. Jon Benjamin, Aisha Tyler, and Jessica Walter. It is centered around their characters at a retirement community for retired spies in Florida. In Season 13 the characters return to work for a mission when they are approached by Jane Sterling about an opportunity that she had been offered but was unable to use due to retirement. In their search for new clients, the team of undercover agents is introduced to a world that had been a secret to them all. This includes unique and alien technologies, and new Fri.s, and deadly foes.

Character names in The Archer Season 13

H. Jon Benjamin
Judy Greer
Amber Nash
Chris Parnell
Aisha Tyler
Jessica Walter
Lucky Yates
Adam Reed
Dave Willis
George Coe
Tom Kane
Jeffrey Tambor
Peter Newman
Maggie Wheeler
Leigh Jackson
Christian Slater
Ron Leibman
Neal Holman

Story of The Archer Season 13

The story of The Archer Season 13 is finally coming to an end tonight on FXX at 10 pm ET! The series stars the iconic Ray Gillette, a TV anchor man who returns to work after recovering from a life-threatening gunshot wound. Season 12 left Ray confined to a high-tech office with no TV in sight, but thankfully season 13 finds him back on the street and more determined than ever to uncover the truth behind Lansing’s serial killings. With Detectives Becket and Weller by his side, he’ll be more stealthy than ever, making sure he can stay one step ahead of the killer for as long as possible.


Season 13 of “Archer” Trailer Calls for an Experienced and Responsible Agency Head

The show has provided us with a new character who is the head of The Agency. He’s called Sterling Archer, and he shares many similarities with the show’s main antagonist, Malory Archer. Malory is often demeaning, rude, and doesn’t care about anyone other than herself. Sterling is similarly experienced in his quest for power but seems to have some less negative traits which are still endearing to many fans like you. Sterling has been described as a “reluctant leader.” Along with this description comes another entirely: “he can even lose his temper sometimes.” So maybe he might make mistakes…

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