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Every A24 haorror movie, in order of worst to best

Every A24 haorror movie, in order of worst to best

What defines a horror movie? Is it when a scary monster jumps out at you? Is it when the characters are running for their lives and all that’s left is blood and gore? Or is it the unsettling, creepy atmosphere of the film which gives us the chills?

A24 has made an amazing collection of horror movies over the years, with some of them being seen by millions. So here are A24’s 37 greatest horror movies ranked by their overall quality.

Introduction to The Tusk

The movie is about an American investor who travels to the Soviet Union for a business venture and is kidnapped by a Russian crime boss. The movie stars Kevin Costner as an American businessman named “Toss”, along with Michael Parks as the crime boss, Tom Jackson as his nephew, and John C. Reilly as his bodyguard. It has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 38% based on 6 reviews so far. The movie is directed by Kevin Smith, who is known for films like “Clerks”, “Mallrats”, and “Dogma”.

Character names in The Tusk

Justin Long
Haley Joel Osment
Michael Parks
Genesis Rodriguez
Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
Lily-Rose Depp
Harley Quinn Smith
David S. Greathouse
Harley Morenstein
Ralph Garman
Zak Knutson
Matt Shively
Jason Mewes
Rob Koebel


Story of The Tusk

The world, as it is today, is a very different place than it was just one short millennium ago. This difference can most easily be viewed in the monumental achievements of mankind, who have conquered even the most seemingly insurmountable obstacles and are always innovating and creating. Another area where this change is vividly apparent is in Hollywood films. A film such as “Tusk” has never been attempted or produced before by Hollywood due to the sensitive nature of its subject material. The producers of this latest film took a huge risk to get their unique products on the big screen, which highlights what some people might call humanity’s darkest side: human trafficking.

Tusk is a film with tusks but no spine, according to our review

The story of a man in the 1800s who is convinced by a conman to sell his tusks and avoid the fate of becoming some freak show attraction. Entering into this agreement, he finds himself thrust into a world of bizarre individuals where he has to use his wits and cunning to survive. Though it starts slow enough with an interesting concept, only two things are remaining steady throughout; raunchiness and mystery. This movie was one that I enjoyed but would not recommend anyone else watch before work or anything more important than Netflix.


The story, if you can call it that, is very basic. We follow a man (played by Nick Bruel) who agrees to sell his tusks to a conman (played by Hemsworth). After doing this, he finds himself being taken on an adventure as a freak of chance as he is thrust into the world of freaks and bizarre opportunities where he has to use all his wits and cunning to survive.

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