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Jack Quaid Discusses How The Boys Affected His View On The Star Trek: Lower Decks Controversy

Jack Quaid Discusses How The Boys Affected His View On The Star Trek: Lower Decks Controversy

In recent weeks we have seen media outlets pick up on the controversy over Jack Quaid’s casting as Harry Mudd in Star Trek: Lower Decks. This heated debate has been a result of Star Trek fans perceiving the decision as racially insensitive and offensive. After the public outcry, Jack Quaid released a personal statement via io9 to address his role in this. By exposing his thoughts on things, Quaid seeks to inform readers that he has not only been affected by this controversy but will be able to approach it with an open mind and heart before he even begins filming for Lower Decks.

Introduction to The Boys

The Boys is the story of a world where superheroes embrace the darker side of their massive celebrity and influence. It revolves around a group of vigilantes known informally as “the boys,” who set out to take down corrupt superheroes with no more than blue-collar grit, street knowledge, and sheer brutality. The series spans fifteen issues that have been collected into trade paperbacks. In his review for IGN, Jesse Schedeen stated that “The Boys” was one of the few comic books he’s read in recent memory that didn’t simply feel like part two of something bigger; it honestly felt like a complete work unto itself.

Character names in The Boys

The Homelander
Billy Butcher
Soldier Boy
Hughie Campbell
Annie January
The Deep
Kimiko Miyashiro
Mother’s Milk
Klara Risinger
Victoria Neuman
Ashley Barrett
Maggie Shaw
Becca Butcher
Black Noir

Story of The Boys

This piece is going to be with a little bit of everything because this is the story of The Boys series.  After the success of The Boys. Garth Ennis is back with prequel comics to his famous comic book series. Even though I have never been a big fan of The Boys, I still hope that you will find these stories enjoyable and fascinating. The story mainly revolves around two characters, Teddy and Bobo, who were only mentioned in the first issue of The Boys. Teddy was one half of an infamous gangster duo from Boston called the Hunsons while Bobo was a former prison inmate who became their cellmate during their stay at Alcatraz. He was also the only person that the Hunsons trusted, who knew them through and through. The rest of the series revolves around Bobo’s life after he escaped from prison–before, during, and after his life with the Hudsons.


Maeve’s son is the Next Homelander, as the Boys Covertly Prepared Him to Be

The next time you see a lone figure in the forest, hiding behind trees, hunched over and sneaking around, don’t be afraid… That could very well be one of the Boys playing a prank on you. Well, not really. You see. This is an actual thing that happened to Maeve’s son. We all know Maeve’s son from the episode “The Darkness and the Light”. Remember that? How did The Boys adopt him, then (because of a series of events I won’t reiterate here) kicked him out, only for him to be taken in by a pack of hillbillies living in a cabin in the mountains?

Or at least… some of us remember it. Anyway! I was recently looking at the episode again because there’s this one part where he and his new mama are talking. Do you know what they’re talking about? They’re talking about Eric.

What do you think about The Boys?

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