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Brutally Illustrates Colonialism’s Backwardness in “The Proposition”

Brutally Illustrates Colonialism’s Backwardness in “The Proposition”

The details of the ‘Proposition’ are examined in “The Proposition” by Evelyn Waugh. The story is about an English woman, Cynthia, who meets a Chinese man at a bar and agrees to marry him so that he can come back to England with her. They move into his native village’s compound where three other British colonialists reside. The entire village and its inhabitants are shown as barbarous, backward, and cruel while the British colonialists are depicted as haughty, arrogant, and self-righteous. The story is based in an unnamed country and period, possibly Indochina.

The story’s main character is Cynthia Drassilis who happens to meet Alec Waugh in a bar. She asks him to buy her a drink but he makes her buy one herself since she asked him first. They start talking and Alec wishes to go back to England but no ships are returning. Also, anytime soon so Cynthia suggests that they get married. So that he can come with her when she leaves on the next boat.

Introduction to The Proposition

The Proposition is a low-budget Australian crime thriller film written by Nick Schenk, directed by John Hillcoat, and starring Jason Clarke, Ben Mendelsohn, and Guy Pearce. It follows two cops investigating the murder of an Indigenous Australian woman near Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. The film won critical acclaim and many film critics included it in their “top 10 films of the year” lists. It was nominated for an Academy Award and three Golden Globe Awards, beginning a steady rise to success by director Hillcoat that eventually culminated with his acclaimed film The Road.

Character names in The Proposition

Ray Winstone
Guy Pearce
Emily Watson
Richard Wilson
Noah Taylor
Jeremy Madrona
Jae Mamuyac
Mick Roughan
Shane Watt
Robert Morgan
David Gulpilil
Bryan Probets
Oliver Ackland
Danny Huston
David Vallon
Daniel Parker
Carl Rush
Gary Waddell


Story of The Proposition

In the movie The Proposition, a man is asked to hunt down a cattle rustler. The cattle are worth 40,000 dollars and it will only cost him 50. The man agrees and sets up for the rustler’s next move. He tracks him back to a house where he shoots a family member in the leg and kills his dog before starting to interrogate them.

At this point, there is no turning back because this man has killed them all at night while they were sleeping.
He just needs one more person to find out who was responsible for stealing their cattle…and let’s just say two people are dead by the morning after that encounter. A pair of brothers who were a little bit on the bizarre side. but it’s a story that should be told. After killing the siblings, the man in question goes back to the house where he originally shot the family member in the leg and starts to set up bomb traps for everything.

The bomb traps were for another two brothers who were coming to rescue their family members.
His plan worked and after setting up all of his different bombs, he blows up one brother, blinded with his gun powder from being shot in the face by another brother with shotgun pellets in his eyes because they tried to shoot out of their handcuffs as they were walking past each other.

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