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A father catfishes his son in the movie “I Love My Dad”

A father catfishes his son in the movie “I Love My Dad”

There is a reason ‘I Love My Dad’ is the latest trending topic on Facebook. The boy’s site owner, Mathew Schrock, along with his father Mathew, recreated the story of their relationship in all its heartbreaking and joyous aspects. Its emotional journey will have you wanting to scream at your phone. When it comes to anything that involves children, we all make different decisions and take different approaches to them in our lives. This new book can help us grow as both parents and children while teaching us what love means. It is also a heartfelt reminder of how we can overcome any obstacle together by leaning on one another during difficult times and being united by our faith in God.

Introduction to The I Love My Dad

Shortly, a strange epidemic sweeps across the planet. The collective leads you to believe that your biological father is not your father. You are soon forced to go on the run from authorities that want you captured and studied for their gain. To make it out alive, you must learn to bond with those around you, fight for what’s right and overcome the obstacles in your way. It’s not going to be easy but at least now you have someone who will stand by your side fighting alongside you.

Character names in The I Love My Dad

Rickey Velez
Team Manager
Group Leader

Story of The I Love My Dad

Based on the true story of columnist A.J. Jacobs’ quest to spread love by hugging his way around the world, this feature film is a feel-good family comedy about a dad who sets out on an epic journey to show his two young children how much he loves them – by giving everybody he meets a hug. Full of real-life characters and global locations, this positive and uplifting story will inspire people of all ages to live their everyday lives as if they mattered. The I Love My Dad movie is based on A.J. Jacobs’ true life experiences, focusing on the differences in how people respond differently to receiving a hug and why one hug can be so powerful. As a self-professed hugger and the father of two young children, Jacobs sets out on a journey around the world giving other people a total stranger’s warm embrace – only to receive from them their unlooked-for surprise, embrace in return.


The father-son makeout session is just the start of I Love My Dad

For many, the most memorable moment in this film will be the make-out session between two teenage boys. But for those who watch and pay attention to what is going on with Son as he talks about his father, a different message seems to come through. He begins with a love story…and then he talks about killing himself. The challenge was to find that one line that could explain just how important the relationship is between a father and son because according to Son it’s “the only thing you need.

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