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Upgrade to 4K Ultra HD for “Night of the Living Dead”

With the cult classic about to celebrate its 50th anniversary, George Romero’s horror masterpiece is getting the high-def treatment it deserves. Tucked into TCM’s October lineup of Halloween classics is a pleasant surprise for zombie lovers: Night of the Living Dead, George A. Romero’s 1968 zombie opus, will be getting an Ultra HD upgrade courtesy. Also, Warner Bros. acquired the film from Paramount in 2006. The high-def transfer—affectionately dubbed “Night of the Living Dead: 4K Ultra HD”—will screen at various venues this October and November as part of a 10-day marathon on Turner Classic Movies.

Introduction to The Night of the Living Dead

The Night of the Living Dead is often referred to simply as Night of the Living Dead. It is a horror film by George A. Romero that came out in 1968. The film stars David Emge and Judith O’Dea, with John Astin appearing in a cameo. It is about zombies who rise from the dead and attack people in Pennsylvania during an event called “The 2000th Day”. Also, which commemorates the death of Jesus Christ on Earth 2,000 years ago by his crucifixion. If you love horror or zombie films as I do, then you will want to read this introductory summary of George A.

Character names in The Night of the Living Dead

Patricia Tallman
Duane Jones
Tom Towles
Heather Mazur
Marilyn Eastman
George Kosana
Greg Funk
Vincent D. Survinski
Grant Cramer
Josephine Streiner
Paula Richards
Jason Richards

Story of The Night of the Living Dead

The first installment of the George Romero horror masterpiece, The Night of the Living Dead (1968), is in itself a legendary cinematic experience. One that, like all of its successors, still manages to be somewhat relevant in today’s world. However, what separates this movie from all others is how it was made. Unlike most other sci-fi movies that take on well-known themes such as aliens or space travel, The Night of the Living Dead chose to tackle a much different topic: zombies. And it did so in a way that has yet to be surpassed.


It is not just the story that sets this movie apart from its contemporaries; it is also the way it was made. George Romero and his crew used no stunt men or make-up artists, but instead, they relied on real situations and an outstanding group of unknown actors to bring their vision to life. And they brought something else with them: a revolution in horror/sci-fi movies. Romero insisted that his movie be filmed in black and white to give it an authentic film noir feel.

The film Night of the Living Dead served as Terry’s starting point

To me this movie is a foundational part of my life and why I am the person I am today. The movie was created by George A. Romero in 1968, but as it took time for the film to find its audience, parts of it were difficult to see in theaters. It took years before it found success among both general audiences and horror fans. The film goes into detail about the living dead, what they are and how they are created. The cause of the ‘zombies’ or ‘ghouls’ as they are referred to in the movie, is shown as an advanced state of decomposition via radiation.


Like many horror films, Romero’s zombies have become a symbol for people who experience alienation and loneliness. Whether this is your own experience or not, there is something relatable in the zombies to anyone watching it. The film follows a group of people who are trapped in a farmhouse with the zombies outside trying to get inside. It follows each character as they struggle to survive and find ways to make it back together after becoming isolated from each other.

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