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New Netflix Series Trailer for “Lost Ollie”

New Netflix Series Trailer for “Lost Ollie”

Titled, “Lost Ollie,” the show is about a 10-year-old boy who becomes lost in the woods and must find his way back home to his family. With his best friend and beloved dog, Bailey, by his side, he sets out on an incredible journey of self-discovery that teaches him what love means. The trailer shows heartwarming moments between Ollie and Bailey as they get to know each other while traveling through unfamiliar territory.

Introduction to The Lost Ollie

The Lost Ollie Movie is a collaborative feature-length documentary film written, filmed, and produced by teenagers in the United States. The goal of the project was to document the creative process of filmmaking through a story about friendship. The film follows 16-year-old Dakota as he sets off on an epic adventure across America with best-friend Calvin, searching for his childhood dog Ollie who has gone missing. Along the way, they meet famous pet detectives, explore their hometowns and grow up together. The film documents the friends’ quest for Ollie, the friendship between them, and their search back home.


It won two awards. It was also shown to several prominent film festivals across America including Slamdance, The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, The Brooklyn International Film Festival, and The Haifa International Film Festival. The National Family Partnership fund saw the talent of the teenagers and decided to sponsor the production, providing funds for travel expenses and equipment rentals.

Character names in The Lost Ollie

Jonathan Groff
Gina Rodriguez
Jake Johnson
Tim Blake Nelson
Mary J. Blige
Kesler Talbot
BJ Harrison
Everett Andres
Zoë Noelle Baker
Paul Anthony
James Pizzinato
Nevin Burkholder
Isabel Birch
William Carson
Everick Golding
Benjamin Goas
Stephen Adekolu
Leandro Guedes

Story of The Lost Ollie

Ollie is a homeless, 17-year-old boy living in a small town. He’s thin and undernourished, dressed in tattered clothing and sporting an unmistakable Mohawk. Ollie has cerebral palsy and requires care due to severe spasticity of his muscles; he has difficulty walking or speaking. To make some money Ollie takes up skateboarding when he discovers that the sport can help improve his physical condition as well as his confidence. As the sport takes him around the world he begins to question society’s expectation that people with disabilities are not able to pursue success without assistance from others.”

The official “Lost Ollie” trailer and key art are shared by Netflix

Netflix has released the trailer and key art for its upcoming show, “Lost Ollie,” the story of a young boy in West Virginia who juggles solving a series of mysteries with his life. In the trailer, we see well-to-do Marie (Saniyya Sidney) come to visit her son, but little does she know that he has a secret. Ollie’s mother is not to be trusted, because she just seems too perfect. What’s more? The trailer even hints at some theories about what part she may have played in the disappearance of her husband years earlier.


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