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In “Delia’s Game,” Stephan James looks for his sister’s murderer

In this film adaptation of the novel, “Delia’s,” Stephan James searches for his sister’s murderer. He will do anything to find out what happened—even if it means risking his life. Likewise, he will have to face dangerous people trying to kill him and stay away from the gang that wants him as one of their own to keep his identity a secret. So, he needs help from someone who can investigate faster and can alert him when he is in danger, but he has trouble trusting anyone because of his sister’s death.

Introduction to The Delia’s Gone

Delia’s Gone is a family-friendly horror movie created by The Happy Sad Company. It is about a struggling single mother named Delia who begins to suspect. Also, her dimwitted adopted son, Jordan, has been turned into a killer. The film takes on the typical tropes of the horror genre that have endured for decades, such as ghosts and demons, while also using some more modern ideas to create a uniquely scary experience. Delia’s Gone will be released in theaters and online in September.


Character names in The Delia’s Gone

Paul Walter Hauser
Marisa Tomei
Travis Fimmel
Genelle Williams
Stephan James
Hamza Haq
Billy MacLellan
Graham Abbey
Kelly Martin
Kate Moyer
Michelle Giroux
Tony Marra

Story of The Delia’s Gone

The movie starts with a very mundane scene in a small town home. The family who lives there is just getting ready to go to work, but mom has some other plans for them, the three siblings. She wants them all to sing it up and spruce themselves up so that they can be like their cousins coming over for dinner. And in case you’re wondering, those are the twins on either side of her along with the youngest sibling off camera. Also, who’s going through some kind of grand mal seizure that she put him through because he was acting obnoxious earlier in the day after not being given his favorite cereal? You would think that she’d know better. But she doesn’t. The boy’s name is Delia just like his favorite cereal, Slammers. Mom tells the twins not to play no slammin’ in the house, but when will mothers believe their children???

So anyway, she takes the kids next door to her mom’s (the grandmother who rents out part of her home for extra cash). And it’s an awkward moment where everyone seems to be getting along at first until Delia slips some pancakes on grandma’s new carpet and grandma freaks out about it and throws them all outta her house (except for Delia cuz he ran away).

Trailer for Upcoming Drama Movie “Delia’s Gone” Starring Marisa Tomei and Stephan James

The trailer for Stephan James and Marisa Tomei’s upcoming drama film, “Delia’s Gone,” is here. The movie tells the story of Mackenzie (James), an aspiring actor who moves in with his uncle, Delia (Tomei) after his mother dies. He quickly develops a deep respect for her and becomes fascinated by how much she knows about life. The trailer shows them both preparing to take on the world as they try to navigate the lines between love, friendship, and family. It also features a great performance from lead actor Stephan James. “Delia’s Gone” was written and directed by veteran actor and director Richard Dutcher. The film also stars Alisha Wainwright, Nathan Anderson, Carl Lumbly, Cecily Adams, Chelcie Ross Jr., Sterling Jarvis, Paul Walker Jr., and Kimani Griffin.


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