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Despite being in its late stages, the “Irredeemable” Batgirl movie was unexpectedly canceled

Despite being in its late stages, the “Irredeemable” Batgirl movie was unexpectedly canceled

A Batgirl movie in the DC Cinematic Universe, intended to be led by Joss Whedon, had been rumored and hinted at for months. Recently, it was revealed that not only does Batman have a Robin (and three other Robins) but now he has a daughter too. In response to public outcry about this new “Batgirl” being so similar to Whedon’s “Batgirl”, it comes as no surprise that the film was canceled without warning. You might be wondering why announcements of movies typically come before they are canceled; this is because of how film production works.

Introduction to The Batgirl

The Batgirl movie is a new DC Comics superhero film with a groundbreaking and intense storyline. It is about Barbara Gordon, a.k.a Batgirl, coming back to Gotham City after her father’s death and she has to figure out how to navigate the city as well as deal with the people there while also trying to find her place in this new world without him. This movie explores loss and how it can help shape someone into who they are now. It also questions how we cope with loss and how losses can change our lives in ways you may never expect.


The Batgirl movie has a lot of action, and drama and it’s funny as well. It looks like it’s going to be a very well-crafted movie that’s going to be worth watching. The Batgirl movie is set in a dystopian future world. Gotham City is on its last legs after the Joker took over and destroyed the city which was built on ancient ruins used by the League of Shadows trying to summon demons that would destroy Gotham forever.

Character names in The Batgirl

Barbara Gordon
James Gordon
Alysia Yeoh
Anthony Bressi
Rebecca Front
Corey Johnson
Ethan Kai
Ed Wade

Story of The Batgirl

Batgirl is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character was created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, partially inspired by Kane’s second cousin, Ruth Steel. Batgirl is described as being one of the most popular female superheroes within the Batman franchise and she first appeared in Detective Comics Issue 68 June 1961. She has been featured in both their self-titled series and numerous other comic books throughout her publication history. In her original inception, Batgirl operates as The Bat-Girl for Batman, which leads to her developing a romance with him that complicates the dynamics of Batman’s pursuit of justice against crime.

Despite costing $70 million, Warner Bros. “shelved” the “Batgirl” movie because it was “irredeemable.”

A movie adaptation of the DC Comics title Irredeemable was recently shelved by Warner Bros. despite a $70 million price tag. The movie, which would have been based on the popular comic series, had been in development for several years and was set to be written and directed by Adam McKay (ANGRY BIRDS). No one will say it officially because the business is shady and no one wants to look bad,” an executive told THR, “but basically what happened with this project is that it was a passion project for at least two top executives at Warners who were just unable to get any traction with it.” This comes as another blow to Warner Bros. and DC Comics, who have recently seen the Green Lantern movie fail despite its strong cast and pre-production buzz. Actor Ryan Reynolds originally cast as Hal Jordan, has expressed interest in playing Marvel’s Deadpool if such a film were to be made.


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