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Take a look at the Cyberpunk 2077 anime trailer on Netflix

Take a look at the Cyberpunk 2077 anime trailer on Netflix

The best of anime is coming to Netflix! The new series will be called “Sacred Seven” and centers on a group of seven teenagers with superpowers. Sacred Seven will join Netflix as part of its late 2017 anime lineup. With the success of shows like Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist, Sacred Seven has a lot to live up to!

Introduction to The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The trailer shows the world on the brink of destruction. Where cybernetic implants are being removed from people living in a near-future society. With this new technology, humans can help heal other humans using nanobots to replace damaged body parts. However, this innovation has also been abused by corporations like E3N, causing people to suffer without any place to run or hide from those who are looking for immortality through technology. This anime will also follow a group of individuals protecting themselves. Also, E3N’s corrupt CEO, Lucas Kellan, is hell-bent on removing cybernetics from people to obtain immortality.

Character names in The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

Aoi Yûki
Kenichiro Ohashi
Zach Aguilar
Kenjirô Tsuda
Kazuhiko Inoue
Wataru Takagi
Hiroki Touch
Tomoyo Kurosawa
Takako Honda
Michiko Kaiden
Yurika Hino

Story of The Cyberpunk: Edgerunners

The world-building in Cyberpunk 2077 is going to be amazing. It’s been well-documented how the developers are going to be drawing heavily on what was established in the tabletop RPG Cyberpunk 2013 and then exploring concepts like hyper-corporations, megacities, neural implants, and more. The cool thing for us though is that we get a sneak peek at the world with this short story called “Edgerunners”. It’s set in a world of high-tech advancements, but also one where corporations have become so massive that they have surpassed nations.


While it’s a great video, the story is a little more fleshed out in the source material (which we will be discussed below). The theme and the presentation are great though and I think this is a good example of one of these “what if?”

You can even see how this world has already clued into some of the themes that we’ll see later in 2077 when you see things like NPCs and runners being common. Plus, it gives us a glimpse of how life has become awful in America’s cities.


A lot of flashing lights and cybercrime in the Edgerunners trailer

Cyberpunk is a futuristic genre of science fiction that has heavily influenced many works of fiction, film, and video games. Often, the settings will also feature advanced technology and media networks that are shaped by cybernetic enhancements. The aesthetics of cyberpunk often focus on dystopian urban settings where corporations have also surpassed governments in economic and technological power. In this trailer for a movie based on the popular game Cyberpunk 2077 (based on the tabletop role-playing game Cyberpunk 2020), we get an idea of what it might be like to watch until such time when Hyperloop trains are more common than cars.

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