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Marvel fans believe they have discovered an Easter egg for Ghost Rider in recent footage for She-Hulk

Marvel fans believe they have discovered an Easter egg for Ghost Rider in recent footage for She-Hulk

Would you like to know what a ghost rider is?

Marvel fans believe they’ve found an easter egg in new footage. Marvel fans are convinced they have spotted a Ghost Rider Easter Egg, which could mean Thanos has already killed all of the Avengers. Many fans have noticed what is said to be one of Thanos’s minions on the ground, who looks exactly like the Ghost Rider. Not only does it look similar but he’s wearing the same outfit as him too! This seems highly unlikely because you would think that if there was a ghost rider on set for this movie he should at least be wearing a different color (unless it’s part of his costume).

Introduction to The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Marvel’s She-Hulk is a smart, sexy powerhouse of a lawyer who uses her legal knowledge and sense of justice to fight for the underdog. And these are just the honorable qualifications for which being America’s most popular lawyer is an obvious next step. This article will introduce you to Marvel’s She-Hulk, including what drove her to become a lawyer in the first place, her relationships with other superheroes, and some of her most interesting cases. We hope this post will give you an insightful introduction to one of Marvel’s top lawyers!

Cast names in The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

Tatiana Maslany
Jameela Jamil
Charlie Cox
Tim Roth
William Hurt
Mark Ruffalo
Benedict Wong
Ginger Gonzaga
Renée Elise G


Story of The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

This article series is titled “Story of The She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.” and will cover information about the various comics and media based on The She-Hulk. This will include a brief description, of the characters involved, as well as the plot of each storyline. When Jennifer Walters, an attorney with a green thumb and an old flame, is fired from her job at a large corporate law firm, she decides to become a lawyer again–this time as The She-Hulk. Jennifer is big and strong. So when she gets into trouble defending Defenders for Hiring Counsel fund’s client against corrupt insurance companies that are trying to buy their way out of lawsuits, Jen has no problem proving her case. And when one of the insurers hires the enormous Goliath on their behalf, Jen takes him on herself. Unfortunately, Goliath comes to trial with a new kind of attorney to represent him.

A lawyer that can change form as fast as Jen can. A lawyer that is never out of hand-to-hand fighting practice. A lawyer knows that the best thing to do in a courtroom is to make her opponent look like an idiot and have the jury on her side from the start. And, if possible, leave them laughing at the end of it all, too. Soon Jen has to take more than just law books home with her at night–she finds herself reading up on scientific law, too!


We get our finest look at the protagonist in full costume in the new marketing still and artwork for She-Hulk: Attorney at Law

After a major crossover in the Marvel Universe, it’s a relief that we finally got to see She-Hulk’s latest at last. The newest promo still and art give us our best look yet into the hero in full costume as she battles over some domain disputes with what we assume will be her arch nemesis – Red She-Hulk. The new still features Jennifer Walters in what appears to be the same suit from the promotional teaser art and the New York comic con last year. The suit, created by series artist Javier Pulido, is a classic red and blue with a yellow belt for when she’s in her superheroic form.

The new promo art gives us some great action as She-Hulk stands triumphant after delivering a devastating blow to her enemy. Behind them, we see her team, including her buddy and supporting lawyer Charles Moment, Pro-Bono – a lesser-known villain who has been turned into an ally by Charles – and an unnamed character who also has yet to be revealed.

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