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Season 2 of “Industry” Is Still Sexy, Drunk, and Tense

This season of the so-called “queer Breaking Bad” takes place at the tail-end of 1994 with our two leads — Annie (Julia Garner), a young up-and-coming artist who works in her father’s (Dayton Callie). A struggling boutique that used to be a movie theater; and Jules (Sydney Sweeney), the much older former child actress who has abandoned Hollywood to become a party girl — running their own merch company. Their dealings are complicated by encroaching gentrification in Echo Park and Jules’ deepening spiral into addiction.

Introduction to The Industry’ Season 2

In the first season of The Industry, you followed Max and her friends as they navigated their way through college and into the adult film industry. For those who missed the story so far, seasons one and two were found on youtube. In this third season of The Industry, it’s been two years since Max left Los Angeles for New York City to build a career as an actress. Now she’s back in LA with some new friends from school who are trying to enter the industry themselves but need help with promotion (and not just marketing). Max has returned to LA because she finally has the opportunity to act in a movie,. And she’ll do anything to make sure her shot at fame doesn’t end with her first role. She quickly finds out though, that getting noticed is hard to do. Also. when you’re just one of the thousands of girls fighting for the same opportunities. Her friends want to help promote both themselves and Max’s career. But sometimes friends can be more trouble than they’re worth.

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Character names in The Industry’ Season 2

Myha’la Herrold
Marisa Abela
Ken Leung
David Jonsson
Harry Lawtey
Conor MacNeill
Freya Mavor
Will Tudor
Sagar Radia
Jay Duplass
Katrine De Candole
Sonny PoonTip
Priyanga Burford
Caoilfhionn Dunne
Nicholas Page Hayman
Mark DexterBen Lloyd-Hughes
Derek Riddell

Story of The Industry’ Season 2

In a parallel universe, there is a big-time Hollywood movie about the ups and downs of the computer industry called “The Story of The Industry”. In this clever satire, showrunner Chris Prynoski tells the story of one company – Computer Hardware- that is facing several challenges in 2037. These challenges include industry consolidation and deepening relationships with China. Now that our world has gone digital, no company can survive without mastering software and hardware integration.


As Computer Hardware continues to expand its knowledge base for industry innovations in addition to relying on its innovative concepts, a new competitor emerges from the shadows: Chipset Corp., founded by former Intel technologist Hiawatha Peckham-Yeung. At a recent Congressional hearing, Peckham-Yeung made it clear to the US Congress that his company is set on “restoring American technology supremacy” by beating Computer Hardware to market with the first integrated CPU and GPU. It’s not certain which company will win this epic battle – but one thing is sure: The computer industry will look very different in 2037 than it does now.

Review of “Industry” Season 2: A Thrilling Look at COVID

I am a huge fan of the first season of Industry, which premiered on Netflix in March 2019. The second season brings back three-quarters of the original cast and continues to explore the murky world of COVID. A drug that can sometimes cure mental illnesses but at times drives those who take it over the edge. Season 2 dives deep into the consequences for those afflicted by COVID, as well as explores how COVID became such an important part of our culture. The plot thickens as COVID is made legal with amazing speed and pushed as a cure for depression to unsuspecting patients with no information about what they’re signing up for.


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