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Why the start of a dangerous TV trend would be the retroactive editing of Stranger Things

Why the start of a dangerous TV trend would be the retroactive editing of Stranger Things

“When will it end? The image is from the series’ very first episode and features the three boys, Will, Mike, and Lucas. As soon as it went up, viewers were quick to react: “The f*** are you doing Netflix!” “I can’t believe they do this right before the broadcast!” So why would Netflix edit out these scenes in season 3? The short answer is to prevent spoilers – but there’s a deeper problem here that deserves discussion.

Introduction to The Stranger Things

The series documents the disappearance of a young boy and his search for his missing friends, as well as a secret government experiment to which they were all subjected. It’s set in the late 1980s and uses retro items like Atari video games and VHS tapes to illustrate the period. It was created by the Duffer brothers who also run their studio called Bad Robot Productions, produced by Netflix, and directed by Matt Duffer. It has 12 episodes that are set in one season with 80 minutes each divided into six acts; this article will only include an introduction for each episode.

Character names in The Stranger Things

Sadie Sink
Millie Bobby Brown
Dacre Montgomery
Joe Keery
Noah Schnapp
Joseph Quinn
Finn Wolfhard
Natalia Dyer
Gaten Matarazzo
Maya Hawke
David Harbour
Grace Van Die

Story of The Stranger Things

The Stranger Things series is a Netflix television series that originally premiered in July. The first season of the show was well-received and became an instant hit with viewers. It has received positive reviews from critics, who praised its acting performances, soundtrack, atmosphere, and directing. The show was also recognized by industry awards ceremonies such as the Golden Globes and the Screen Actors Guild Awards for its cast members with nominations for Best Drama Series and acting nominations of Cast Away in Lead Actor (Winona Ryder), Supporting Actor (David Harbour) and Supporting Actress (Millie Bobby Brown).


Fans compare Shanaya Kapoor to Eleven from Stranger Things as she relaxes in Ibiza

Shanaya Kapoor has a great number of fans, with many being die-hard stans. One fan decided to compare her to Eleven in Stranger Things and the reaction was beautiful. A Twitter user’s comparisons turned out to be spot on and people are grabbing their popcorn as they await this Netflix show truly.

Stranger Things “wouldn’t get a second season,” according to David Harbour. It was going to turn out badly

For David Harbour, the anticipation and excitement of being part of the cast in Netflix’s Stranger Things were great. There was positive energy and drive to create something special. But he had his doubts that it would get a second season. And if he had to guess, he thought if it did get renewed, it’d be for just one season and everything would fall apart for them all. Harbour shares his insights into how things played out as well as what kind of pressure that put on the show before its debut.”  The title of this article is an interview with David Puttnam Getty, who portrays Sheriff Jim Hopper on Stranger Things.


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