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The Woman King trailer shows Viola Davis as a fierce warrior leading her army into battle

The Woman King trailer shows Viola Davis as a fierce warrior leading her army into battle

In a time when being a woman is considered to be weak, the only option for some is to take their own life. All hope is not lost, however, as this trailer for The Woman King reveals. The famous actress Viola Davis plays Queen Tara who has been fighting against men’s domination of the world from behind the scenes. Her time has finally come and she will lead her people into battle in an attempt to restore femininity and equality on earth once again. Based on the true story of a group of ancient African women, this film will be one to remember. The powerful portrayal of Queen Tara and her courage and determination to gain respect for women is inspiring. She is joined by an equally impressive cast, including Margot Robbie and China Anamege.

Introduction to The Woman King

It is a story of Sefa, a 19-year-old warrior who leads an army to battle against King Tzus. Along with her trusted advisors Nanna and Ezgi. The three compete on a battlefield for the love of king Makonnen and queen Anaash Sheba. But what happens when Sefa falls in love with her sworn enemy?


The Woman King is a subtle feminist manifesto disguised as also an epic romance. We created it to bring you into another world and make you wonder about your reality in this one.

Character names in The Woman King

Viola Davis
Hero Fiennes Tiffin
John Boyega
Thuso Mbedu
Masali Baduza
Makgotso M
Sheila Atim
Adrienne Warren

Story of The Woman King

The story of Johanna, the Woman King, starts with a list of names. The legend of Emma’s (Johanna’s) birth and childhood is told in an old play, “A Role for a Boy” by Lois Weaver Wren. The following names appear on Emma’s lineage papers: Johanna Krumpelmann (2nd great grandmother), Maria Krumpelmann nee Schleisweker (3rd great grandmother), Katharina Schleisweker (4th great grandmother), Margaretha Schleisweker nee Schmidt (5th great grandmother), Eva Schmidt nee Hahnefeldt (6th great grandmother).

Historical Romance or Spiritual Viewing? Twitter Reactions To The Woman King Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming film ‘Mary Queen of Scots’ was released at the beginning of this week and many people were confused as to whether it was being romanticized or spiritualized. The trailer shows two worlds colliding, with a very young Mary, played by Margot Robbie, in one and her older self traveling through time in another. While some appreciated the creative use of technology to create a unique storytelling experience others were concerned with what this means for current narratives surrounding British history. Is there any more room for interpretation?


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