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Review of Harley Quinn’s third season: Developing, Adoring, and Making Fun of Batman

In the third season of the popular Warner Bros. cartoon series, Harley Quinn was many fans’ favorite in the show’s run. It eventually garnered enough popularity for a new DC Animated movie coming out in November and has been praised by many publications and critics for its mature approach to one of DC’s most beloved characters. At the same time that Harley Quinn found herself as a breakout character this season, she also found herself at odds with others in her team who could become too powerful for their good and put innocent lives at risk. No matter what though, I think Harley would tell you it was worth it just to save her friend – the Joker.

Introduction to The Harley Quinn Season 3

The Harley Quinn Season 3 is a comprehensive introduction to the characters, setting, and storyline of the third season. We’ve put together a list of 25 questions that span across all three episodes plus an “Intermission” section with other info about what to expect in each episode. These questions will serve as a guide for newcomers who are trying to get caught up on comic book history both in general and what’s happened so far this season. We’ve collected this info from multiple sources, including YouTube video annotations, the Harley Quinn comic books themselves, as well as fans and content creators (like us!) who have been a part of this journey from the very beginning.

Character names in The Harley Quinn Season 3

Harley Quinn (Kaley Cuoco)
Poison Ivy (Lake Bell)
King Shark (Ron Funches)
Frank the Plant (JB Smoove)
Clayface/The Joker (Alan Tudyk)
Kite Man (Matt Oberg)
Commissioner Gordon (Christopher Meloni)
Two-Face (Andy Daly)

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Story of The Harley Quinn Season 3

The Harley Quinn Season 3 is finally coming this summer. The third season will be released with no episode in the first week. This season will also introduce a new villain, Doctor Psycho, and it might lead to the breaking of Harley’s relationship with Joker. The Joker has been seen around more than he has before and it seems like not all is well with him yet. There was an interesting television interview that revealed more information about what we can expect during this upcoming season of Gotham City Sirens: “The Joker may turn out to be the most dangerous one to those around us” said actor Cory Michael Smith during his interview with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel.


The issue with Batman’s oral sex scene in “Harley Quinn” being censored

A mother in Sweden is furious that the TV version of “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” contains an edited scene where Harley Quinn, played by Margot Robbie, discusses the “different flavors” of oral sex with The Joker. The scene was completely cut out of the film for its screening in Sweden. In Denmark and Norway, dialogue from The Joker replaces it. Robin Griffin from The Guardian wrote about her frustration with censorship and how it reflects on society’s views on women and sex. She also pointed out how this might be affecting young people as well who will have less exposure to a frank discussion about sexuality.

What do you think about The Harley Quinn Season 3?

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