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When filming Book Club 2, Candice Bergen, 76, and Jane Fonda, 84, both wore striped outfits

When filming Book Club 2, Candice Bergen, 76, and Jane Fonda, 84, both wore striped outfits

In the sequel’s trailer (which was released just this past Monday), we’re shown glimpses of their latest chapter, as well as some behind-the-scenes footage that proves these four actresses are no less delightful than before! Plus at 16 minutes long it’s worth watching just for the behind-the-scenes bit.

Introduction to The Book Club 2 — A New Chapter

We are pleased to announce the return of The Book Club, a place where we can discuss books and literature as well as love and friendship. We’ll be posting in stages so that our discussions do not get out of hand. The Book Club 2 is about a new chapter in their lives, but it will also be about their reflections on what was before. With all this came the need for something new; so we created a book club with the same name but looking toward the future, through the lens of exploring past experiences.

Character names in The Book Club 2 — A New Chapter

Bill Holderman.
Bill Holderman. Erin Simms.
Jane Fonda. Andy Garcia. Don Johnson.

Story of The Book Club 2 — A New Chapter

A New Chapter As our journey continued, we felt that we needed some changes. We wanted to see our writing and art flourish, but we knew there was one big obstacle in the way: being a small book club. So we decided to change direction for now and return to the beginning, with The Book Club 1. It’s been six months since the publication of The First Last Job, and things have changed dramatically for us. We’ve been living with the book for a while now, and we’ve started to see a vast array of responses from readers. We started with the intention of making it a small book club, but this is turning into something much larger. We have noticed that we have grown so much as writers and artists that we feel like we now have new and exciting stories to tell. The first thing upon seeing the new chapters was understanding why some readers felt like they didn’t get value out of it.


We are very cognizant of our works, especially ‘The First Last Job’ because we had put so much effort into them. As such, in retrospect, there’s one chapter that makes little sense to us.

Book Club 2: The First Image of the Upcoming Chapter

Books have the power to take us on fantastic adventures, teach us new things, and allow us to escape the real world. And now you can enjoy all these benefits from your own home with a book club. The next chapter’s first pic is here!

Announcing our first ever Book Club 2: The Next Chapter First Pic Edition! So if you like books and want to start sharing them with others in your area, just head over to our website and sign up today! International readers should check out our other club located in Japan. It’s time for a change of pace with this one because we are going to do things differently than before.

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