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Orphan Black: Echos, an AMC Networks series, will star Krysten Ritter

Orphan Black: Echos, an AMC Networks series, will star Krysten Ritter

In 2017, Entertainment Weekly revealed that “Orphan Black” star Katherine Krystal Ritter was going to play the lead role in a highly anticipated spin-off series called “Orphan Black: Evie”. The new series will focus on Evie Frye’s life from her childhood to her adulthood. Alongside her friends, she will discover conspiracies and mysteries surrounding the shadow organization Project Leda.

Introduction to The Orphan Black: Echoes

The Orphan Black: Echoes series is a live-action prequel to the hit TV show, and all 10 episodes will be available for streaming on Thursday, November 15th on Netflix. This series introduces some of our favorite characters from the show – Sarah Manning, Beth Childs, Alison Hendrix, and Cosima Niehaus – when they were just kids. The series takes place ten years before their world changed forever when Sarah takes her daughter Kira away from an orphanage in Ukraine to find her sister and eventually winds up discovering a whole new family. That journey leads them all down a twisted path that mires them in the politics and power plays of a country haunted by its past.

Character names in The Orphan Black: Echoes

Tatiana Maslany
Dylan Bruce
Jordan Gavaris
Kevin Hanchard
Maria Doyle Kennedy
Kristian Bruun
Skyler Wexler
Josh Vokey
Ari Millen
Evelyne Brochu
Cynthia Galant
Zoé De Grand Maison
Millie Davis
Inga Cadranel
Kyra Harper
Calwyn Shurgold
Rosemary Dunsmore
Michael Mando

Story of The Orphan Black: Echoes

The Orphan Black: Echoes is a series that tells the story of how the person who would become Sarah came to be an orphan and her first encounters with other characters throughout her life. This particular perspective is unique in that it encompasses not only flashbacks throughout her life but also flashes forward into her future as an adult. The series begins at the time when Sarah is sixteen years old. She is living in the suburbs of Toronto with her adopted parents, which she describes as “the Brady Bunch on steroids”.


Despite her love for them and them for her, there are several problems in their relationship. Unlike the Bradys, Phillip and Susan Manning seem to have problems spending time together as a family; they both work constantly which has gained their financial stability but left their daughter feeling lonely most of the time.

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter will appear in the Orphan Black sequel series

With the release of the series finale on June 19th, it’s now time to start plotting our next move: what happens next? What’s happened in the intervening 10 years since we last saw Sarah and Alison? What has transpired during this tumultuous period? And most importantly, how will they be able to survive a world that has changed so drastically since their last encounter?

Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter is already confirmed as playing Sarah Manning in Orphan Black season four, but speculation continues about who will play Alison Hendrix. According to reports, BBC America has approached My So-Called Life star (and some say current Vampire Diaries star), Katie Holmes, as a possible Sarah clone. This would be a bold move on Holmes’s part, but her talent and dedication to the role may very well make it worth her while.

Another name that has been thrown around for both Sarah and Alison is Dana Delany, who played Sarah on two episodes of TVD in the series premiere and summer finale. One intriguing option is The Walking Dead’s Emily Kinney – she played Beth in season 3 of the AMC series, which saw Beth’s disintegrating mind sent into an alternate universe where Sarah was the sibling she never had.


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