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AMC+ Renews “Moonhaven” for a Second Season

AMC+ Renews “Moonhaven” for a Second Season

The acclaimed series, Moonhaven, has been renewed for a second season at AMC. This popular and critically acclaimed show, which parallels both the physical and emotional journey of its protagonist (a woman in her late 30’s named Anne), is one of the fastest-growing shows on AMC Networks’ streaming service. Season 2 will once more follow Anne’s transformation from a scattered executive to a devoted caretaker. As she re-enters the workforce in pursuit of her old job and acknowledges her feelings for her ex-husband, she also tentatively opens herself up to new love with an entrepreneur who shares many qualities with Franklin but lives a lifestyle completely different from hers.

Introduction to The Moonhaven Season 2

The Moonhaven was just a sweet, innocent farmstead until the end of the world seemed on the horizon. When all hope seemed gone, it became a beacon for those with nowhere left to go. Not all who came to The Moonhaven have been good or friendly. Some have been hostile and uninvited, unwelcome, and even violent at times. Others have been guests of honor, survivors who had nowhere else to go but the only place that was still standing in all the world’s destruction, full of love and safety as they never thought it would be.

Character names in The Moonhaven Season 2

Dominic Monaghan
Emma McDonald
Amara Karan
Ayelet Zurer
Kadeem Hardison
Yasmin Newell
Joe Manganiello
Adam Isla O’Brien
Bamshad Abedi-Amin
Josh Tedeku
Martha Malone
Elaine Tan
Amy Ledwidge
George Nhat Hoang Pham
Nina Barker-Francis
George Georgiou
Arthur Lee
Anita Petry

Story of The Moonhaven Season 2

The Moonhaven Season 2 is a fictional story written by the librarian of Lake-Town. The main character, Allana, is a young girl who has always been fascinated with the moon. When her town gets evacuated from nearby construction plans, she struggles to find new horizons and keep alive the child inside of her old world. However when she meets a self-proclaimed “champion” for children’s literature, Emmett Garth Vincinzila, things get interesting! This story is set in an alternative reality where humans have colonized several moons throughout the solar system and on at least one other planet as well.


Smart, Surprisingly Fun, and Occasionally Overstuffed: A TV Review of “Moonhaven”

In “Moonhaven,” a small town on the far side of the moon that makes its money by mining helium-3, Ned (Jay Hayden) is a former astronaut who comes back to town after his father dies of lung cancer. Ned loves this place and wants to stay—it’s where he grew up and it’s all he knows. But three weeks before he even gets there, Moonhaven has been declared off limits to humans because they have become too much of a nuisance—the first contact was less than peaceful. Now they can only come if they work for the company or are in quarantine for two weeks.

The quarantine is full of prospects, but Ned is more interested in one: Liz (Haley Lu Richardson), a cute new medical student. Their initial conversations are filled with misunderstandings and awkward silences, but they quickly start dating, even though they know that as soon as they’re allowed anywhere outside the quarantine zone, they will be forcibly separated. Ned and Liz have been together for only four days when Jed (Chris Wood) arrives at their house in search of his father, who has gone missing after making the trip to Moonhaven.

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