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How to Use Instagram Geotag to Engage Local Followers?

Engaging with local followers on Instagram is not an easy task. 

While the platform is all about interaction and socializing, brands can struggle to maintain high levels of activity within their local regions. The reasons behind this are plenty, including: 

  •     High competition
  •     Insufficient time
  •     Poor social media strategies

In any case, it’s possible to boost your account with SimplyGram. The organic growth service helps increase the number of local followers and engagement. However, if you want to take the free and simple way, geotags are the best option.

Today, we will discuss what are geotags and how to use them to engage local followers. Read more!

What are Instagram Geotags?

An Instagram geotag is just like a hashtag. But, instead of tagging random things, it tags the precise location of your account. So, when you use a geotag, the uploaded content pops up on a visual photo map.


Please note that geotags only work on public accounts. Anyone who clicks on a geotag can see the content tagged by different users to that specific location.

A geotag has three forms:

  •     Location added to your post before sharing
  •     Location stickers on your stories
  •     Located-based hashtags in your captions

3 Creative Ways to Use Instagram Geotags for Local Engagement

Here are the three creative ways to use Instagram geotags to engage local followers:

1.   Find Local Influencers

Geotags can help you find the best local influencers for your brand. These are the people from your local area who have built large communities on their Instagram pages. If you want to market an event or product, the local influencers are the way to go.

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Here’s how to find them using geotags:

  •     Open the Search bar and write your location.
  •     Click on the Places bar.

This small search will provide the most popular geotags for the given location. Click on the top-performing, relevant geotag. It will lead you to an array of content posted under the geotag.

The Top Posts section is where you will want to find your best local influencers. Select a few and reach out via message. Ask them whether they’ll be interested in promoting a product/event for your brand.

Of course, you’ll have to offer something in return like free samples, discounts, or even payment. Once these local influencers promote your brand, you’ll have more local engagement.

2.   Humanize Your Brand

There’s nothing wrong with liking, commenting, and sharing the content of your customers. In fact, humanizing your brand is an essential part of social media marketing. It encourages people to share their unique experiences, which also increases your popularity.

But, this doesn’t mean you should interact with almost everyone. It’s practically not possible for a brand to do so. Geotags help you find the most suitable candidates for this job.


Simple, click on your store geotag and scroll through the Top Posts section. Here you’ll find people who have created posts with high engagements and followings. Humanizing your brand with them will lead to more reach and visibility amongst locals.

3.   Encourage Content Sharing

The two ways discussed above are a little indirect. You’re not directly using geotags to engage with local followers. But, you can also directly ask your followers to share content using it. 

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For example, an airport company can encourage content sharing in their post like this:



<Caption> Parking at Cincinnati Airport has new upgrades!


Best lighting system


Wide and Spacious

High-tech Security


This spectacular image is from @username‘s trip to (place). Thanks for sharing!



Use #CincinnatiAirport for us to share your wonderful shots!



*This is an example post created to explain the usage of geotags for content sharing. If you’d like to know more about parking at Cincinnati airport, visit the link!


Alternatively, you can set up giveaway and competition posts. In the captions, ask your followers to use the geotag for entry.

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