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Lower Decks Crossover Episode from Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is planned

When the creators of Star Trek: Lower Decks released their Season 2 trailer, it was quite clear what this episode would entail. The world has been watching along with us and eagerly awaiting the release of this second season, but now that it’s upon us it’s time to binge-watch Star Trek: Lower Decks on Hulu. This is a crossover episode with one of our most beloved franchises, so be sure to catch up on all the seasons before diving in yourself! The Star Trek franchise is no stranger to sci-fi television and movies over decades which has given us many iconic moments to remember. Star Trek (Original Series) was a television series from 1966-1969, the series featured many incredible cast members including the likes of William Shatner as Captain James.

Introduction to The Strange New Worlds Season2 In

In between the release of the two seasons of The Strange New Worlds podcast. , Also there were a few other episodes that were posted to the site and archived on iTunes. These episodes all have been reviewed and rated by our panel, with all being given a four-star rating or higher. This article aims to collate all the information from these episodes into one place.

Character names in The Strange New Worlds Season 2

Anson Mount
Dan Jeannotte
Jess Bush
Ethan Peck
Christina Chong
Rebecca Romijn

Story of The Strange New Worlds Season 2

The story of The Strange New Worlds Season 2 is about a young boy named Joe So, who has just moved to an abandoned house on the outskirts of town with his mother and younger brother. He’s struggling to make friends and wants nothing more than to explore his new home. All that changes when he finds a hidden door in the basement which leads him on a journey into space and beyond. But what was supposed to be just an adventure turns out not to be at all what he expect So, as life is far from easy in this strange new world. Lower Decks Will Appear in a Live-Action/Animation Crossover in Season 2 of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds


Strange Star Trek The head of New Worlds discusses season two’s significant special effects

In the inaugural season of the Star Trek fan fiction series Strange New Worlds, writers were given a word or phrase. And asked to create a short story in which it played an important role. Season two, now underway, has begun with “The Evil Within” and features some major special effects like never before seen in this competition. The six-episode season will conclude with an all-flashback episode featuring past stories from Season One. After receiving over 300 submissions for its inaugural season, Strange New Worlds is back for its second year with a new challenge: “The Evil Within.” This season will feature some major special effects that are as yet unseen in previous seasons of the competition. Although no details from the script or storyline can be revealed, Season Two will begin with the episode “The Evil Within” and conclude with an all-flashback episode featuring stories from previous seasons.

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Strange New Worlds is a collaborative effort of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans whose goal is to promote the writing and the art of the amateur writer; foster the fandom, and have fun doing it. With its combination of words and visual effects, Strange New Worlds offers an exciting opportunity for amateur writers to have their work published, produced, and distributed worldwide by Paramount Pictures. In addition, entrants will receive gifts including a limited edition poster autographed by Patrick Stewart.

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