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As DC fans fret over the lack of news at Comic-Con, The Batman 2 Trends

As DC fans fret over the lack of news at Comic-Con, The Batman 2 Trends

There’s still a month to go until it hits theaters, and already DC fans are freaking out! But with the push for more DC-based superhero movies coming at the expense of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), is this even a risk worth taking? Here are some of the most popular Batman 2 trends among DC fans. The answer is yes, but maybe not for the reason you think. The Marvel heroes have been riding high since Captain America: Civil War, which also debuted in 2016. A lot of people saw that film as being too much like Batman 2 and thought it would destroy the MCU just like B2 may be doing to DC.

Introduction to The Batman

Batman is a fictional character, a comic book superhero who appears in publications by DC Comics. He is the caped crusader of Gotham City who fights the evil forces that threaten its citizens while upholding the law. Batman was created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, two men who also created other iconic cartoon characters such as Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster’s The Daily Planet Clark Kent of Superman fame as well as Toots Mondello and Sadie Hawkins Day from Warner Bros. cartoons.

Character names in The Batman

Robert Pattinson
Paul Dano
Colin Farrell
John Turturro
Andy Serkis
Jeffrey Wright
Peter Sarsgaard
Alex Ferns
Bella Reál
Hana Hrzic
Con O’Neill
Zoë Kravitz

Story of The Batman

The story of the “Batman” series is a saga of heroes who are in search of themselves as much as for justice and peace. There is no doubt that this comic book character has inspired many people to do what they love and try new things, and it’s always been the ultimate goal of these characters. Many different creators have given us their take on the Batman mythos, but one thing remains true: Bruce Wayne, even with all his capes and tights, can’t find himself because he doesn’t know who he is. He’s always changing into something different. He’s doing all sorts of new things, trying to find himself, but he just can’t. So how does Batman see himself? Because he is not a vague and mysterious hero, you will have to look deep into his mind. You’ll have to study, analyze and think about what you believe is his deepest desire. What drives him? What demons haunt him while he sleeps?


This is the most important question of all: “What makes him what he is?”, because this character, like so many others in comics, suffers from something which can only be found within us: depression.

The Batman demonstrated that Snyder’s initial Dark Knight error was the worst of the DCEU

Many moviegoers were scratching their heads when Ben Affleck took on the role of a Batman with no moral compass in DC Comic’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now it has been revealed why Zack Snyder made this decision and it may turn out to be one of the best decisions that Batfleck has ever made. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Snyder explained that he didn’t feel Affleck was emotionally prepared for his version of Bruce Wayne back when filming began so he decided to create his version instead. “I think I wanted somebody who was more broken,” said Snyder.

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