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The hitman played by Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4 finally finds his equal

The hitman played by Keanu Reeves in John Wick 4 finally finds his equal

Keanu Reeves hitman finally meets his match in the upcoming fourth movie in the “John Wick” series. The new teaser trailer released by Lionsgate shows Wick dispatching several opponents with brutal efficiency until he encounters an assassin who seems to be his equal. You still want more, huh?” he says after stomping on the head of one foe and shooting three others with a sniper rifle. “We got that for you too.” The clip ends on an ominous note, as Wick faces off against an unknown female adversary wielding two knives and wearing a black latex suit before she runs away from him down a hallway lined with some type of fog machine.

Introduction to The John Wick 4

John Wick, a world-renowned hitman, and legendary assassin have made a devilish double return in the much-anticipated continuation of “The Continental”. This time around, he is not playing by any rules. After accepting an undercover job to recover a target being held hostage at The Continental Hotel’s Presidential Suite, John Wick is approached by High Table member Senator Iosef Tarasov. In his searingly tense introduction, Tarasov arranges for John Wick to meet Sofia, the daughter of Iosef’s friend and ally in Rome. Sofia will make all the difference if they are to complete this job successfully and make it out alive.

Character names in The John Wick 4

Keanu Reeves
Ian McShane
Laurence Fishburne
Lance Reddick
Shamier Anderson
Scott Adkins
Donnie Yen
Michael Simmons
Natalia Tena
Hiroyuki Sanada
Bill Skarsgård
Marko Zaror

Story of The John Wick 4

John Wick returns with a vengeance in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, available now on Digital and Movies Anywhere. As he fights his way out of New York’s underworld, Wick is confronted with old friends, new enemies, and one last chance at redemption in this thrilling conclusion to the John Wick trilogy. In part four of our series on the person behind the hitman known as “The Boogeyman”, we speak with director Chad Stahelski.


What was it about John Wick that compelled you to continue it beyond the first movie?

Chad Stahelski: It’s all about the potential we saw in the original script. It was a very bare-bones kind of take on an action movie. We wrote our script, and John [Wick] directed it. It just blew us away to see how the mythology grew, which is why we wanted to continue it after they did their second movie [Chapter 2]. The mythology is fascinating, and we wanted to keep exploring it.

Keanu Reeves makes an unexpected appearance in the John Wick 4 teaser released at San Diego Comic-Con

The four men who tried to kill John Wick appear to have met their match in the most unlikely of places; that is, John Wick’s family. In a teaser trailer for the upcoming third installment of the action franchise, John’s wife Helen and his daughter Meadow share an intense stare-off before blowing off some innocent bystanders with a machine gun. The two women then speed away in a classic 1968 Mustang while our protagonist is left behind to pick up their slack. “You’re too close,” John says before getting out his trusty 1911 pistol and shooting one of the men dead. “I’m not going anywhere.

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