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Apple TV+ renews “For All Mankind” for a fourth season

For All Mankind is coming back for Season 4 on Apple TV+, the show is based on real-life astronaut Gene Cernan, who spent his life perfecting NASA’s Apollo missions. The show has only been renewed for a fourth season, which is more than enough time to change your streaming service if you’ve yet to stream Season 3. It’s also going to be a ton of fun watching all of season 4 in anticipation for Apple TV+ once it becomes available.

Introduction to The For All Mankind Season 4

The For All Mankind create an all-inclusive experience of the African continent, providing an immersive entertainment experience to viewers. The new season offers a look into key moments in Africa’s history, including the period before and after colonialism. By offering insights into these periods, the show hopes to provide an important reminder that “Africa is not one story”. In this article, we will explore what the show has brought forth and some of its possible implications while also discussing themes that arise from it. We will examine how it presents a view on colonial history, gender relations in Africa today, and narrative potentials for African cinema as a whole.

Character names in The For All Mankind Season 4

Joel Kinnaman
Sarah Jones
Shantel VanSanten
Jeff Hephner
Sonya Walger
Mason Thames
Coral Peña
Chris Bauer
Michael Dorman
Cynthy Wu
Teddy Blum
Jodi Balfour

Story of The For All Mankind Season 4

The For All Mankind Season 4 has ended, and what a rollercoaster it was. In the finale, we saw the death of Rick Grimes, and the show’s time jumps forward to show future events. This article will go through everything from the first episode to the season finale that came with The For All Mankind Season 4. We’ll break down all of our thoughts on what happened, and who died, and speculate on what might come next for The Walking Dead Universe.


What Happened in Episode 1:

In his group, we also meet Dwight and a young Eugene. Negan is as we know him today: sarcastic, brutal, and callous. He’s shown to be very strategic, by trapping the roamers in a building and blowing it up. “Lucille” is a key point of who he is seen as today, but in this episode, we are shown that he’s still a family man. He cares deeply for his wife and two boys; laughs with them while they play in the street.

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Negan talks about how he doesn’t want to be like his father anymore, and how he wants to provide for his family; not just physically but emotionally too. This is a turning point for Negan. He becomes a man and not just someone who wants to destroy the world, he wants to make it better while being ruthless at the same time.

What Happened in Episode 2:

This episode takes place on day 5 of the post-apocalypse, and we see Negan gathering supplies from the church of Alexandria. It’s very tense in there, with everyone trying to figure out what is happening. They are terrified of “Savior”, but for now, Rick has left them stranded out in the open (without gas) so they have no other choice but to trust him.



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