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The Rookie : John Nolan is going to be seen as a training officer in the brand new season 5 .

When John Nolan was just a small-town guy, he had a “good job” and a “good life.” That all came to an end when his wife Anna was struck by a drunk driver. Now, Nolan’s life is about picking up the pieces of what once was, developing new interests (like his love for motorcycles), and following old ones (such as running).

What is the plot of the story?

John Nolan was an ex-marine and a Honolulu police officer, then he became a small-town cop in Fontana. After an accident on the job that caused major injuries for his wife, Anna, he decided to leave Fontana and pursue new interests such as motorcycles and the LAPD. He missed his old life, the friends he had made there, and most of all starting over in Monterey Bay where the scenery is stunning.

Who is in the cast? What role did each character portray?

The cast includes Nathan Fillion, Eric Winter, Rhona Mitra, and Lucy Liu Lucy Liu is taking the last name of “Liu” to portray LAPD officer Wozniak, who is the rookie partner for John Nolan. She has a very strong personality and determination by which she wants to achieve her goals. Her character was based on one of the first female officers hired in the LAPD in 1847.

What are the difficulties they faced?

John Nolan and the officers in the LAPD have to face real-life situations. In one case, Nolan was on a call with Wozniak where a lady was stealing baby clothing from a store for her clothing line. Wozniak didn’t want to arrest her because she had been so nice to them. Nolan immediately knew that she was taking advantage of their kindness and arrested her. John Nolan found himself an unlikely protégé: James Taylor, who turned out to be more than what he had originally thought he was which led him down a path of self-discovery and lessons learned from someone younger than him.


Who is the antagonist? What are its motives?

The antagonist is an ex-marine, not a criminal mind, who was an accomplished soldier. He is the driving force behind the kidnapping of John Nolan and the revenge that he seeks. When he kidnaps Nolan and leaves him on a deserted island his last thoughts are to enjoy this new life that has been given to him by God.

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What are the epic scenes?

The end of the movie was the culmination of everything in the plot. In one scene, Nolan and his kidnapper are having a conversation. Nolan reveals that he knows where his wife Anna is and his kidnapper wants to kill him. Nolan responds by saying that he went through a lot believing he may not have a life and if he did, it would be an empty shell of what it once was. He tells his kidnapper this and never looked back because nothing has made him stop believing in God.

Who is the most loved character?

Every character had a different trait that made them admirable and relatable. John Nolan’s friend, Travis was the kindest and most caring person in all of his actions. He is a very loving, hardworking man who has only one daughter and he would do anything for her. His son Justin is too old to go to jail for his father’s mistakes. Officer Wozniak was one of the only women who didn’t take advantage of John Nolan. In every way, she was a strong force that helped John Nolan grow into the man he is today. He takes no less than what she does to learn more about life and become his person through it all.

Would you recommend watching this?

If you are a police officer and you want to see what it is really like being with the LAPD, watch this. If you love mysteries, watch this. You like walking away feeling the inspiration of a man who hit rock bottom but found a new way in life and watches it. Thanks for reading!

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