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How Black Adam Was Finally Adapted for the Big Screen by Dwayne Johnson

One month later, Black Adam had his film released during the same month. To be fair, it wasn’t a sequel to Moana but they did get their release within one month of each other. The two films are now on Netflix but until recently, they had never met on the big screen. Approached Johnson to voice the character and give him advice on how to bring Black Adam to life. A great number of fans have a strong love of both characters and Johnson himself had always been interested in turning Black Adam into a live-action film. What followed was his trip to Vancouver where he met up with Bunning, his family, his kids, and friends. The following day Johnson was treated to what many would call one of the biggest surprises of all time.

Introduction to The Black Adam

The Black Adam series of films is a collective conglomeration of films based around the story of Black Adam and his pursuit of redemption. It can be interpreted as a tale told across four films or as one film broken up into four parts. The series, beginning with the introduction, tells the story of how Black Adam came to be and what leads him to become an anti-hero instead of an outright villain. The first installment of this series is titled Introduction. The film opens with a close-up of Kahina Ziri, the protagonist of the story. She is a twenty-three-year-old Egyptian woman whose family lineage dates back to before Egypt was united under the rule of Pharoah Tutankhamen. Much like her ancestors, Kahina is an archaeologist and a member of the Egyptian government who works to uncover historical artifacts and other pieces of Egypt’s past.

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Character names in The Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson
Pierce Brosnan
Noah Centineo
Aldis Hodge
Quintessa Swindell
Jennifer Holland
Sarah Shahi
Rahiem Riley
Angel Rosario Jr.
Marwan Kenzari
Cameron Moir
Bodhi Sabon

Story of The Black Adam

The Black Adam series is about a young boy named Adam who lives with his mother. He dreams of one day becoming the superhero he’s seen on TV. One night, after a disaster at school, he wakes up to find that his parents are gone and he’s been told that he has to live in foster care for the rest of his life. The story will follow Adam as he learns what it means to be strong and independent as well as confront many different types of people who are living with him under one roof.


The story will be an ongoing project which will go on for as long as it takes to complete. I do have a few storylines in mind that I would like to start working on, but what the series will lack for now is screentime. After one or two stories, I plan on adding more characters into the mix (if there are any interests or characters that you are interested in me expanding upon in future stories) and then continue with my story until I feel like it’s complete.

At Comic-Con, Black Adam collaborates with The Rock’s Zoa energy drink

This is a giant endeavor, but this article will break it down for you: what exactly Black Adam is, why he teamed up with Zoa Energy Drink at Comic-Con, and how you can be a part of the action. If you haven’t seen Black Adam in the movie “Shazam!” or in “Justice League” yet and are looking for a way to get involved with him before his comic book series debuts next month, then look no further. The Rock has teamed up with Zoa Energy Drink to bring Black Adam to life via a series of hilarious and educational videos. Some might say he’s the greatest crossover we’ve ever seen in the world of comic books, movies, and energy drinks.

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