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Meet the new characters from Joanne Kelly to Ernie Hudson in the popular Showtime crime thriller “City on a Hill” in Season 3

Meet the new characters from Joanne Kelly to Ernie Hudson in the popular Showtime crime thriller “City on a Hill” in Season 3

This is a new season of the hit Showtime crime drama, ‘City on a Hill’ and it has only just started filming. The show is set in Boston in 1989 and is based on an idea by Chuck Maclean. He wrote down the idea after reading an article about Boston being called a “city on a hill” because its inhabitants were committed to fighting corruption even though they are confronted with it every day. The cast of ‘City on a Hill’ Season 3 includes the following: Ernie Hudson (who was nominated for his performance in the 1984 film, ‘ Ghostbusters’), Joanne Kelly (who portrayed Terry Howard in the recent films, ‘Cocoon’, ‘Deep Impact’) and Chris Gorham (‘Final Destination’, Nickelodeon and Fox TV appearances). Ernie Hudson is portraying Eli Reeves’ father, Raymond. He first appeared in the last season and he has been a regular character since then.

Introduction to The City on a Hill Season 3

In Season 1, Boston in 1690s pre-revolutionary America served as a crucible for our nation’s founding ideals: equality, democracy, and freedom of religion. The only problem was that these founding principles were only truly held by a few determined souls. The City on a Hill Season 2 found one of those few, Reverend John Hale (Kevin Bacon), working to eradicate the last vestiges of witchcraft in New England. He was working with a flawed system and made some problematic compromises that threatened his faith, reputation, and the town he was trying to save.

The new season will find Hale trying to rebuild his reputation. But, as the era of witch trials comes to a close, and the dawn of a new country approaches, who will be left to defend all that has been achieved?

In Season 3, we find an era coming to a close as witchcraft hysteria begins to fade. John Proctor and Increase Mather are dead. Hale is disgraced. Only Martha Carrier remains imprisoned for witchcraft. But even she may be released before long.


Names of the characters in The City on a Hill Season 3

Jackie Rohr
DeCourcy Ward
Siobhan Quay
Jenny Rohr
Frankie Ryan
Cathy Ryan
Jimmy Ryan
Rachel Benham
Hank Signa
Chris Kaysen
Kick Ryan
Benedetta Ro

The storyline of The City on a Hill Season 3

It’s been four months since the shootout at the courthouse in Boston. With the FBI closing in and all other escape routes cut off, Ben and Grace have gone into hiding deep within Bible Nation territory. With new alliances forged within this dangerous place, they’re more determined than ever to take down “the Monster” of Bible Nation—Reverend Alden Carver—once and for all. But as they’re forced into dangerous territory one step at a time, can the brothers be sure that their friendship can survive this last and greatest challenge?

Jude is determined to hold onto her faith in God, especially after her relationship with Lucas crumbles. She’s reached out to Josh for help in understanding what she believes is happening to her; but as secrets are revealed and secrets are kept, who can Jude truly trust?

Season 3 of “City On A Hill” will premiere on Showtime on July 10

The third season of City On A Hill will premiere on Sunday, July 10th at 9 pm EST on Showtime. The show is based on a true story and it will center around the relationship between two men who are working to bring criminality levels to historic lows in Boston.


Created by Chuck MacLean, Mark Wahlberg, and Charles Randolph-Wright, this new season features Kevin Bacon as FBI veteran John Crowley and Aldis Hodge as District Attorney Decourcy Ward. The show is executive produced by Chuck MacLean and Mark Wahlberg. The series is also produced by ABC Signature Studios and Beau Willimon Productions. Francis Lawrence is returning as the Executive Producer of the series. In addition to writing the first two seasons, Lawrence was also the Director of each of the previous two seasons.

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