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Love And Thunder, Thor Box Office Day 9: New Releases Don’t Have Much Of An Impact, And The Numbers Stay On The Lower Side

Love And Thunder, Thor Box Office Day 9: New Releases Don’t Have Much Of An Impact, And The Numbers Stay On The Lower Side

Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder had the ninth-highest 8 pm Thursday night box office opening of any Marvel film so far in 2018 with $2.1 million. This is a 44% drop from its first day, but it maintains its previous week’s rank at number 6 on the charts. The film has a reported production budget of $160 million but will likely not break even in North America since it has no major overseas markets yet. Thor: Love and Thunder also had the sixth-lowest Thursday night total of any Marvel Studios film since 2008 (Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: Winter Soldier). And it’s the lowest opening day of any Marvel Studios film since Ant-Man.

Introduction to The Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder is a film from Marvel Studios that was released on November 5th, 2018. The film stars Chris Hemsworth as Thor, along with Natalie Portman, Tom Hiddleston, and Anthony Hopkins. It is the fourth theatrically-released feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three. The Thor: Love and Thunder tell the story of Lady Sif’s investigation into Asgard’s King Odin after his mysterious absence during a climactic battle with her fellow warriors in New York City. The events of the battle result in one of their fellow warriors (Jane Foster) getting cancer and dying. Lady Sif is framed for murder and must partner with Loki to find Odin and return him to Asgard so she can clear her name. This leads to the discovery that Odin is hiding on Earth while being accompanied by a disguised Thor, his former lover and “ally” Jane Foster, and a computer-simulated version of Loki’s deceased wife Sigyn.

Characters’ names in The Thor are Love and Thunder.

Christian Bale
Chris Hemsworth
Natalie Portman
Taika Waititi
Jaimie Alexander
Chris Pratt
Tessa Thompson
Melissa McCarthy
Natalie Portman
Dave Bautista
Jeff Goldblum
Karen Gillan

The storyline of The Thor: Love and Thunder

Two years ago Clint Barton, better known as Hawkeye, was dead and his universe changed. Thanks to the efforts of Valkyrie and other Avengers, including Thor, they managed to defeat the threat known as the Mad Titan, but the battle cost them dearly. Thor’s sister Hela visited Asgard and killed most of its warriors. She also banished Thor to a distant galaxy where he spent two years fighting off foreign threats. One day he found himself on an unknown planet where he was able to return home thanks to an interdimensional rift located in New Mexico.


Chris Hemsworth’s flick Thor Love And Thunder is expected to surpass the $100 million milestone at the box office soon

Thor: Love and Thunder are on a strong note at the box office. With over Rs 98 crore, it’s one of the most successful Hollywood releases in 2019. The film’s collection is expected to cross Rs 100 crore soon. The family drama Thor: Love and Thunder have taken a stellar opening at the global box office with USD 59 million earnings to date (Rs 40 crore). The film is expected to cross the Rs 100-crore mark soon. According to a report in trade publication Box Office India, the film has grossed over Rs 53 crore in Indian domains including approximately Rs 46 crore in domestic markets. The US and UK box office collections were at USD 12 million, which helped the film earn a decent amount overseas.

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