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Empire of Light, a Sam Mendes film, hits theatres this holiday season

Empire of Light, a Sam Mendes film, hits theatres this holiday season

In Sam Mendes’ new production called Empire of Light, a story by local playwright Kent Haruf, a lonely man in his seventies has outlived his wife and family. Upon her passing he finds himself lost with no one left to care for him except his housekeeper/daughter-in-law. after a trip to Houston, Texas, his car is stolen and he has the choice of calling his son for help or accepting a ride from the police officer who has picked him up. He chooses the latter and learns from the officer’s mother about her lifelong belief that Jesus is alive and hiding in Paris. They continue their journey together and learn more about each other as well as themselves on a truly unforgettable journey.

Introduction to The Empire of Light

Empire of Light is a series of three novels, which tell the tale of an assistant to a dark lord as they seek revenge for the murder of their family. The protagonist is forced to live with her new master, and she’s determined not to lose this opportunity. She quickly learns that being in service to an immortal has its perks. So, she can’t die, so her power grows stronger over time. However, there are consequences: those that wish him will learn who she is and target her first. Also, those who revere him protect her the best they can.

Slowly, she discovers what it means to have such a powerful position – and strives to prepare herself for a future where all must bow before her. The first novel follows her adventures as she develops her power. The second novel will follow the events of the first. And expands on many of the relationships that were hinted at in the first. The third novel will conclude the series, with all loose ends tied up and explanations given.

Names of the characters in The Empire of Light

Colin Firth
Olivia Colman
Toby Jones
Sara Stewart
Micheal Ward
Tanya Moodie
Tom Brooke
Crystal Clarke
Mark Ryan
Hannah Onslow
Spike Leighton
Adrian McLoughlin
Ashleigh Reynolds
Mark Goldthorp
Dylan Blore
Eliza Glock
Tim Samuels


The storyline of The Empire of Light

“The empire of light series” is an epic fantasy that follows the life of a young man named Soren. Soren was born into a family of a minor nobleman on the borderlands. And he begins at the age of 10 to train hard in war. A few years later, his village is attacked by raiders from across the mountains who have sworn fealty to an ancient order of sorcerers dedicated to bringing about the fall of all things. Now it’s up to Soren and his friends, whoever they can find among those who survived, to stop this threat before it’s too late.

The series contains no sexuality, language, or violence. It has no foul language, sexual themes, or violence. All of it is intended for ages 10 to 16 and up. One thing to note about the story is that if you are reading it in print, a small amount of the pages are images (like illustrations), not words. I want to make it clear that there is nothing inappropriate in any of these pictures–they promote and support the story as well as add an element of joy and beauty to the reading experience.

Sam Mendes’ “Empire of Light” is scheduled for release in Q4 by Searchlight Pictures

Searchlight Pictures has dated Sam Mendes’ upcoming feature film “Empire of Light” for release in Q4 2019. The film is a collaboration between Searchlight and the Directors Guild of America to recognize and celebrate the achievements of women behind-the-scenes. The DGA asked Searchlight to create a film about “the impact that women have had on our industry, as well as the hardships they have endured to make it possible for talented men like you to succeed as directors.” Mendes and producer Alex Ward are producing the project for Searchlight, which will finance the film. Mendes directed 1999’s “American Beauty” for DreamWorks SKG. His other credits include “Away We Go,” “Jarhead,” “Revolutionary Road,” which all starred Kate Winslet, and his most recent feature “Loving,” starring Ruth Negga and Joel Edgerton.

The project was conceived by Mendes, who approached Searchlight with the idea after filming the DGA award-winning documentary “At the River, I Stand.” The company was enthusiastic about getting involved and teamed up with veteran writer Owen Sheers to develop a script.


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