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The Only Two Shows Nominated for Emmys in 2022 Are Murders in the Building and Ozark

It’s a pretty empty list, but it’s the one that counts. And while some of these titles may seem surprising to you, they’re also very deserving. The nominations were announced with no specific order, so whether it’s your favorite program or not is up to your preferences. However, there are some pretty spectacular nominees in the running. Some of the biggest critics of our industry are the subscription services. Perhaps they can sense what we all seem to be feeling: that television isn’t going anywhere, but rather, is taking its time to make sure it has as many big hits as possible before things slow down. This year, Netflix and Amazon have both released massive series about the superhero genre (Superheroes’ Kingdom on Netflix and The Boys on Amazon), along with newcomers such as Marvel’s New Warriors and Warner Bros.

Introduction to The Ozark

The Ozarks are a mountainous region of the south-central United States, beginning at the southern boundary of Arkansas and extending northward into Missouri. Author Michael Crichton was fascinated by this part of America, and in 1995 published his first novel about the area. He called it “Jurassic Park”, which was made into an epic movie in 1993 starring Jeff Goldblum, Sam Neill, and Richard Attenborough.

In 2004, he wrote an official sequel to the story entitled “The Lost World”. Also in 2004, Crichton published a book entitled “The Terminal Man”. This book is a sequel to “Jurassic Park” and fits into the same timeline as it. Also, the book is set in the year 2021. It is narrated by Alan Grant. It is about massive biological warfare going on between humans and creatures created on genetic engineering conducted by the military. The main character, Jack Burns, becomes involved in this deadly game because he has been given cyborg enhancements to his nervous system.

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Names of the characters in The Ozark

Julia Garner
Charlie Tahan
Laura Linney
Lisa Emery
Sofia Hublitz
Felix Solis
Tom Pelphrey
Adam Rothenberg
Jordana Spiro
Jason Bateman
Katrina Lenk
Janet McTeer


The storyline of The Ozark

A true-crime podcast from the creators of Serial takes a deep dive into the twisted stories of America’s most infamous serial killers. So, the first season tackles the trials and tribulations of The Diner Murders, which took place in Carthage, Missouri back in May 2001. Criminals like John Wayne Gacy and Jeffery Dahmer are put under a microscope as well as people who have been wrongfully convicted such as Brendan Dassey. Similarly, they discuss the victims, detectives, and the circumstances of their brutal murders. Listeners are taken through their investigation and trial to try and piece together what happened.

Has there been any notable cases covered on The Ozark series & What can listeners expect from the series?

Yes. The true-crime podcast has had a lot of notable cases covered including The Diner Murders which was the season premiere episode followed by The Cooper/Hall Murders. The season has multiple aspects. It’s a true-crime podcast that examines serial killers and how they were caught, but there’s also a crime mystery element to it. Some suspects were released in the Cooper/Hall case and asked different questions of investigators. The show delves into why they were convicted and whether or not their convictions are valid.

So, what do you think about The Ozark?

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