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The Genghis Khan film no longer features Kevin Spacey 1242

The Genghis Khan film no longer features Kevin Spacey 1242

In light of the recent allegations against Kevin Spacey, it looks like it’s been announced he will no longer play Genghis Khan in the movie 1242. The casting change was made very quickly, likely just within the past day or so according to sources. There are no further details about what Spacey’s replacement will be, but it’s probably not a matter of urgency. The movie has been slated for release in September 2019 and production is only just beginning as we speak. This is the first time there’s been a bad actor cast in a role where people can already see the performance all over it — which is great. It’s what happens to all actors after enough wrong (or incomplete) performances, and Spacey has done that many times in his career, as did Heath Ledger and Charlie Sheen, who were both unexpectedly cut from an upcoming original series.

Introduction to 1242: Gateway to the West

1242 is not just a restaurant, it is a portal to the west where locals and tourists alike can find fine food and drink in an atmosphere that is as familiar as your living room. The atmosphere often draws comparisons to an old saloon, but we prefer to think of it as a new gathering place that celebrates the past while preparing for the future. That’s why we’ve created a new, traditional menu with American touches to complement our timeless décor, including local artwork and fine leatherwork. Every day is a chance to share the history of the place with guests as they meet their waitress or server for the first time. Whether it be learning how to make authentic cocktails or exchanging stories while drinking fine wine, they are more like family than guests. We invite you to join us in creating a new world in our home base of Charleston, South Carolina.

Names of the characters in 1242: Gateway to the West

Kevin Spacey
Eric Roberts
Christopher Lambert
Terence Stamp
David Schofield
Neil Stuke
Genevieve Florence
Jeremy Neumark Jones

The storyline of 1242: Gateway to the West

1242: Gateway to the West, a film about the dark secret behind a mythical train that delivers wayfarers to their final destination, tells the story of one woman’s journey with her son. They are caught in an ever-changing world where memories shift and reality is less concrete than ever before. As they venture forward in this uncertain place and search for new meaning, they discover that they have become something more than human and must adjust accordingly. The film is inspired by the journey of Gordon and Kelly Emery. The couple, accompanied by their son Jack, embarked on a journey in 2011 from Salt Lake City to the train’s mythical end-point – “the end of the line”, somewhere deep in the American West. Their story was featured on shows from CNN and ABC to HuffPost Live, where they discussed their travel plans, explained what drove them to leave family and friends behind, as well as their vision for a prosperous future.


Kevin Spacey was fired from “1242: Gateway to the West” due to allegations of sexual assault

Kevin Spacey was in the middle of production on a film, “1242: Gateway to the West,” when he was abruptly fired from the project on Monday. The move came amid sexual assault charges against the Hollywood mega-star. Production will be shut down and we’ll move forward from there,” director Terry Gilliam told The Hollywood Reporter about his decision. “We’re moving forward with or without him.” Spacey’s last appearance as J. Paul Getty in “12 Years a Slave” ended more than two months ago, but filmmakers have been trying to keep the actor on set until production on “1242” was completed. He’s one of the most generous, nicest people that I’ve ever met,” said a person familiar with the production. “It’s not like he’s a mean guy at all — he would do anything for you. It’s just a matter of his schedule and his commitment.

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