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Season 2 of Dr. Death, which was renewed at Peacock, will focus on a fresh case

Season 2 of Dr. Death, which was renewed at Peacock, will focus on a fresh case

A New York City medical examiner (Patrick Rivers) and his team are called out to a crime scene where the victim is an artist. He has been choked to death with a peacock feather and his life is saved by the team’s lab technician, Alice Bell. This season, the crime: A murder in a Chelsea gallery where the artist is found dead, strangled with a peacock feather. The medical examiner and his team must find out why the victim’s ex-lover wanted him dead, as she is a suspect in the murder. The medical examiner also begins a new relationship with his beautiful assistant, Alice Bell. As season two unfolds, she becomes increasingly strained by some of his unorthodox behaviors.

Introduction to The Dr. Death Season 2

If you are looking for a highly engaging, suspenseful, and sometimes humorous TV show that is not afraid to tackle tough topics like mental illness, natural death, family dynamics, or addiction you will want to watch The Dr. Death Season 2 series. You can find our review of the series here: “The Dr. Death Season 1 Review”. If you are interested in more information and watching the show first go here: “The Dr. Death Episode Guide”. This article is an introduction to The Dr. Death Season 2 series and contains a few key points to make you aware of the TV show before starting it. The Dr. Death Season 2 television show is a factual, scripted, and true-to-life documentary drama that presents the story of Dr. Michael Wagner who lives in Los Angeles with his wife and children until he has an unexpected change in his life.

Names of the characters in The Dr. Death Season 2

Joshua Jackson as Christopher Duntsch
Grace Gummer as Kim Morgan
Christian Slater as Randall Kirby
Alec Baldwin as Robert Henderson
AnnaSophia Robb as Michelle Shughart

The storyline of The Dr. Death Season 2

In Season 2, James arrives in New York City to do a case review at the request of a medical examiner and immediately starts looking into Dr. John McCarthy, also known as “Dr. Death.” It is revealed that Dr. McCarthy killed his wife’s lover and their unborn son in an act of revenge following her affair with the man. As he investigates Dr. McCarthy, James discovers other possible murders committed by the doctor and realizes that he has been hiding his tracks well. He concludes that he is a cold-blooded killer who makes Ripper and Holmes look like amateurs. He tracks Dr. McCarthy to a dark alley and discovers him with his latest victim, drug dealer Freddy Kamal. However, Dr. McCarthy is not faked and the man dies after being shot a few times by James when he tries to escape.


The second season of Peacock’s “Dr. Death,” which has a new topic disclosed

The Peacock Network has renewed it for a second season with Ashley Michel Hoban as showrunner and a new subject, too. It’s one of those rare cases when a showrunning job is handed from sister to sister. Hoban is a former assistant to MDs in their executive suites, but she has worked with a roster of writers on shows like “ER” and “Grey’s Anatomy” and penned the Oscar-nominated documentary “Searching for Sugar Man.” Hoban joins her sister, executive producer for “Dr. Death,” Kelly Blatz.

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