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Samantha Morton plays the deadly serpent queen in “The Serpent Queen.”

Samantha Morton plays the deadly serpent queen in “The Serpent Queen.”

Samantha Morton stars in this true story of a woman who captures the imagination and captivates her countrymen only to be executed as a witch. The Serpent Queen was an Englishwoman, Margaret Acland, who told fortunes and potions. She circulated in the court of King James I, where she became known for her cunning and wisdom. He began attending her lectures regularly—sometimes bringing his son with him. But James was not content to let another powerful woman control his life without being challenged. When Acland was accused of witchcraft, James ordered that she be examined and put to death for her crimes. Acland was condemned in 1612 because of testimony from a doctor who claimed to have seen her transform into a wild beast. Acland was carried to her execution on a hurdle and condemned to be burnt at the stake. A crowd gathered around her as she knelt at the stake; Her last words were: “Sweet Jesus, receive my spirit.

Introduction to The Serpent Queen

The Serpent Queen series is a blog authored by Deborah Moggach, an American author. The blog series was originally published in 2006 with the release of her book, The Serpent’s Kiss. Through the eyes of five different characters who are descendants of mythical creatures and attend a school for monsters. Also, the reader learns about their secrets and weaknesses which help them get to know the characters better. In some cases, this knowledge helps them fight against the institutions. Likewise, they have oppressed them for generations and made sense of their struggles.

The Serpent’s Kiss takes place at the Monstrum Academy, a school for monsters. Students attend the school to learn how to control their powers while observing a lifestyle that is not similar to the human norm. There are meant to be 150 students, but there are only seven who still attend and they are expected to graduate soon because of a lack of funds.

Names of the characters in The Serpent Queen

Catherine de Médicis
Charles Guise
Antoinette Guise
François Guise
Antoine de Bourbon
Henri Ier de Montmorency
Louis de Bou


The storyline of The Serpent Queen

It tells the story of The Serpents and their quest to overthrow the human forces that have enslaved them for centuries. We follow them through the thousand-year-long War of Shadows as they struggle to find a way to vanquish their oppressors with only their faith and courage on their side. Throughout four books, the story goes through many changes, sometimes quite dramatically, as the plot finally gathers pace and the characters learn more about their world and themselves in the process. It’s a great read on many levels: political, social, religious, and of course, it has some fun twists and turns to keep you interested.

What other movies does Samantha Morton star in besides The Walking Dead?

Although Sam is best known for playing the role of Alpha in the TV show The Walking Dead, she has also starred in an impressive range of films. In 2008 she starred with Colin Firth and Dame Judi Dench in a film called A Little Chaos, which is about an architect who was commissioned to design one of King Louis XIV’s gardens at Versailles. She went on to star alongside Meryl Streep and Ewan McGregor.

She starred in the film Big Eyes alongside Amy Adams and then starred in the seventh series of Doctor Who alongside Peter Capaldi, who is the current (and 12th) actor to play The Doctor. Later that year, she starred in a film named Blighty, which is about a young man from Canada who enlists in Britain’s army during World War I. Footage from this film was used as part of a trailer for the new Star Wars movie entitled Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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