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Following the Uber Files report, Apple TV’s Severance paints a crucial portrait of corporate wrongdoing

Apple TV recently released a movie called Severance, which depicts what happens to employees of a multinational corporation when it becomes clear that the company is no longer sustainable. With many parallels to Uber’s recent troubles, Apple TV’s latest film offers a poignant depiction of corporate malpractice following the Uber Files report. Filed under: Corporate Malpractice Josh Levin writes for Slate: “Severance could not be more timely—or more eerily on-point with the current state of American work. This is a film about what happens when a company runs out of money and its leaders run out of ideas. Severance is full of familiar companies and industries that have been hollowed out by the profit-seeking whims of Wall Street. The film opens on an employee lunch with a message from HR: The company is going through some shitty times, but don’t worry, there are no layoffs planned for anyone in this room today.

Introduction to The Severance

Long before the events of The Lives of Fireflies, there was a strange young woman who lived out in the woods. Her parents were killed by thieves, so she tried to make an honest living one day at a time. She tried picking berries, hunting for food, and doing house chores all on her own. But it was never enough for her and she always felt like something was missing in her life. Finally, one day she heard the voice of a little girl telling her that she should come to the city. So, with her knapsack filled with berries, she set out on her journey. When she arrived at the city gates, a young man gave her a warm welcome and offered to take care of her for three months in return for his help. She agreed, and after he helped her settle in, he mentioned that he was searching for his lost sister.

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Names of the characters in The Severance

Britt Lower
Dichen Lachman
Tramell Tillman
Michael Siberry
Michael Chernus
Karen Aldridge
Christopher Walken
Zach Cherry
Nora Dale
Tramell Tillman
Ethan Flower
Cassidy Layton

The storyline of The Severance

The Severance series is a horror series that I mostly wrote to explore how people’s negative pasts can shape their lives. The first book of the series, Severance, was written when I was just a high school junior and it is considerably rough around the edges. I rewrote it when I was in college as “Severance: The College Years” which turned into four books and an epilogue about forty years after the first book takes place. This was back when I started writing the series in 2007; it was finished in 2010. In 2011, I again decided to rewrite it because I wanted to try a new storytelling style and a new writing style. That is where the current version of the previous four books comes into play. It too will be rewritten in a very different way, but more on that later.


Since it’s not a puzzle, “Severance” is the year’s best series thus far. It is a picture

This year has been heavy on literary puzzle pieces: the drama of Sarah, the ordeal of Two Boys and a Girl in Ohio, tales of life on the road, and a terrifying reimagining of George Orwell’s 1984. But what if you could read only one book? What would it be?

Before you answer that question, take heed: The 37 Best Websites to Learn Something New is not an exhaustive list. It’s a curated selection of links, articles, and sites that I like to read and frequently send to family and friends. If you are looking for more recommendations, here are 10 great links. If you want quality writing, incisive art direction, or masterful storytelling, look no further than The New Yorker. You can read online or sign up for an account.. the free account gives you 10 free reads per month; paid accounts start at $4 per month (NOTE: the year’s first issue is always free).

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So, what do you think about The Severance?

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